Be the Woman You Were Meant to Be

I’m honored to have women in my life who inspire me daily. Women who are brave, smart, fearless, genuine, loving, and just straight-up phenomenal. They are themselves, without making excuses or apologies, for that matter. When I think of them, I know they are the women they were supposed to be—through and through.


They are more than amazing. I look at them in awe and am so proud to have them in my life. They kick butt on so many levels and do it with style, grace, sweat, and tears. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to honoring women from around the world and their achievements. While also observing Women’s History Month, I know there’s no way I could name every single woman who has made a positive change or impact in our society. That would take forever.

From the beginning of time, women have have sculpted the world we live in. With or without recognition, we know the struggle of those who have come before us. Even now, women continue to fight the fight for equality and a safer world. They are my heroes.

When I hear of the amazing things other women are doing, I wonder if I’m on the right path. Am I doing what I’m supposed to do? Am I where I’m supposed to be? I know that life is short, and the only way I’m going to land on the right path is to truthfully and genuinely be myself. I’m going to strive to be the woman I’m meant to be. And it starts now…

I will not make excuses.
I will try and try again.
I will not fear the unknown.
I will take chances that deserve to be taken.
I will not take “no” for an answer.
I will let love in and let hate out.
I will not give negativity a chance.
I will express myself freely.
I will not doubt the possibilities.
I will live anxiety free.
I will not be afraid to fail.
I will be my own self.

This list is only the beginning.

We were all put here on this planet with a purpose. No matter where you’ve been or where you’re coming from—you have a destiny. Nothing is too big or too small. There is a reason you exist. You are a woman who can make a difference, if you only give yourself a chance.

To those who inspire me, THANK YOU. Your bravery, dedication, creativeness, and love is appreciated. I see your spirit shining through and it motivates me to be a better person. Whether you’re expressing yourself through fashion, fighting for the rights of others, raising the children of our future, defying stereotypes, blogging and sharing your stories, saving lives, or putting your life on the line every day— you are true examples of being the women you were meant to be.

Now, I challenge you to do the same.

Leave a comment below, sharing how you will work to become the woman you were meant to be.

  • RaisedByCulture

    Thank you for being that woman Monique. You have truly helped me get back into fashion – having kids set me back but bloggers like you are incredibly inspiring and I just want you to know 🙂 Happy Women’s Day!


      @RaisedByCulture:disqus xoxo

  • kasha

    You Rock!!!! Learning to love myself should be an unconditional journey. Thank you for being a source of inspiration.


      Thank you for reading Kasha!!

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