Stylishly Tech: Tablet Cases

We all love our tech gadgets don’t we? It’s a great way to stay connected. I don’t know what I’d do without mine. Seriously, you all know how much I love my blogging life. And don’t get me started on my social media. It really is my world. 

Lenovo ThinkPad

When Intel asked me to be a part of their Intel Tablet Crew and check out one of their tablets—my first reaction was…duhhhhh! Of course I said yes. Now, all I have to do is dress it as stylishly as possible.

I want a case that’s super sleek and and not too crazy. But, I won’t count out one with a bold print. It doesn’t have to be a designer brand, but that wouldn’t hurt the selection process. And it has to protect my tablet…of course. Isn’t that the who point?

You should know that not all tablets are built the same. Like us! The ThinkPad I have is not an average size. It’s longer in length than others, so finding a case was a little bit of a challenge. But, I did find a few stylish tablets that landed on my wish list.

Which of these tablet cases do you think I should get?

tablet cases
Lencca Brand Minky Collection Tablet Portfolio
Botene Sliver Ultrabook Sleeve
Accessorize Universal Tablet Case
Urban Expressions Sequins Tablet Sleeve
Paralife Custom Size Newspaper Tablet bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs Tablet Case Dreamy Logo Neoprene
InStyleLiving Tablet Case
Wild & Wolf Metropolitan London Tablet Case
Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Tablet Cover
InStyleLiving Thinkpad Case

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  • Jennifer Sawyer

    first i have to say i love intel!!!! lol second i love the last case and the one that has the london flag. i will look at these for my tablet its hard to find one for mt tablet.


      I love them too! I hope you find a case 🙂 @jennifersawyer:disqus

      • Jennifer Sawyer

        thanks a bunch i have a blackberry tablet its just so hard to find a cute case. i wanted a kate spade one but way too big. still on the search!

  • Raqu

    Get the Lencca one! I bought mine last year. Its made really well, and has a lot more to it than the sleeves that were posted under it (plus it has lifetime warranty)