Shop Your Favorite Pro Sports Teams in Plus Sizes

Hello. My name is Monique and I’m a sports fanatic. Yes, it’s true. I’m passionate about a lot of things in life and following my favorite sports teams is one of them. If you didn’t know I’m a huge Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Dodgers fan. Followed by the Los Angeles Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers. No, I’m not a bandwagon fan either! I’ve been watching since I was a teen; thank you very much. I take my sports seriously and am loyal to my teams. And there’s one thing I’ve always found a mystery…where can we find our favorite pro sports teams in plus sizes?

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 10.29.51 AMYes, I’m already prepped for tomorrow’s big game. By the way…Go Broncos! I’m so excited! Sorry…I get distracted easily. Anyways..what about the other sports? Like the NHL, NBA, MLB, and even NASCAR. OK, I admit I’m not a huge racing fan, but I could be! So, I did a little research and found a few places that offer tops for our favorite teams in plus sizes. I’m tired of wearing men’s sizes! Please feel free to leave comments below sharing where you find your pro sports gear.

NFL SHOP: The NFL Shop offers official gear for most teams in plus sizes—including tops, hoodies, jerseys, and jackets.

NBA STORE: The NBA Store also offers official tops and hoodies in plus sizes for a few select teams.

MLB SHOP: The MLB Shop offers official plus size hoodies, jackets, and tops; in a wide range of teams.

NHL SHOP: The NHL Shop has t-shirts and hoodies available in a few select teams.

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 10.41.53 AM
Los Angeles Lakers Tee via Lane Bryant

LANE BRYANT: Everyone’s favorite plus size retailer now offers fun NFL and NBA graphic tees online. I hope they decide to venture into other leagues as well!

LADY FANATICS: Alyssa Milano’s official fashion line Touch by Alyssa Milano is available on this retailer’s site. Her line offers a few select pieces in plus sizes. But, Lady Fanatics also offers a range of plus size gear, including college teams.

OLD NAVY: I’ve always loved Old Navy for their reasonable prices and their super cute retro tees don’t hurt either. I found a small selection of college and pro team t-shirts; they aren’t available in plus sizes. But, their sizes run big and they go up to a XXL.

MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY: Even mamas can get their sports cheer on! Motherhood Maternity offers NFL plus size maternity t-shirts in a few select teams.

Where do you find your plus size sports gear?