My Body Con Best (OOTD)

I’m going to be completely honest—I have never worn a body con dress. I’m sitting here trying to think and I’ve realized that…nope…never. Yes, I was a little scared of them. I’d see others pull them off with no effort and I felt a little intimidated. So, I never bought one. But, then one day Sealed With A Kiss Designs sent me their Kayla Tank Dress. I knew it was a test.

Here I am in all my body con dress glory. The Kayla Tank Dress is now an instant favorite. I threw on some shapewear and a nude lip for a quick night out. I will tell you that the fit of the dress is very curve-friendly—thanks to the awesome stretch jersey fabric.  It does come in other colors, but I’m all over this olive. I appreciate the length, hitting at the knee. Hubby thought it was a tad too revealing, but that’s OK. It’s nothing a  chic kimono won’t fix. I can’t wait to accessorize this dress for different looks!

What I’m Wearing: SWAK Kayla Tank Dress (1X), SKWilbur Onyx Tanzania Zebra clutch, assorted Torrid jewelry, and Vince Camuto Melle wedge.

FYI: Dress looks a little darker than it really is. Photos were taken at night with a flash.

SWAK-Designs-Curves-and-Chaos-2Disclosure: The item in this post was provided for review purposes only. Any and all opinions expressed are true and my own.

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  • What were you scared of… you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you should wear bodycon everyday… too soon? Well… at least start working it into your wardrobe, you killed this look lovely 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how you accessorize it next!!


      @queendiva0331:disqus You seriously made my day! Thank you sweetie!!!

  • You look amazing! I’m not confident enough to wear this dress on it’s own, so I’m working on some layering options for it.


      @authemmie:disqus Thank you Emily! Yeah, I think I’ll definitely add layers next time.

  • Monique, you look gorgeous in body con! I totally understand where you’re coming from but you have nothing to fear, you are working those curves. I think you should make body con a closet staple 🙂


      @weeshasworld:disqus Thank you love bug!! I think I will too…checks with hubby. JK!! 🙂

  • Hubby’s not used to everybody seeing how haute his wife is 😉 you look great luv.


      LOL!! @Curvatude:disqus Noooo he’s not! Thank you sweetie! xo

  • Alexandra

    you killed it….omg, you look soooo good. Giving me courage right now because I too refuse to wear such dresses….lesson to be learned. Thank you


      Thank you @disqus_utr9f7wvrn:disqus!! If I can wear one, so can you!