3 Easy Beauty Tutorials for a Red Carpet Look

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m a makeup pro. Nope. Not one bit. In fact, I’m always checking out easy beauty tutorials and asking my makeup obsessed friends questions. Yes, I’m just like you! And now that we’re at the end of the red carpet season, I want to know how I can create some of those red carpet looks by myself, at home.

And if there’s anyone that knows red carpet, it’s L’Oreal Paris. Seriously, they were all over the awards show this season. In fact, they partnered with makeup artist and beauty blogger, Sona Gasparian for a series of “get the look” videos. Don’t you just love these?

In the three easy beauty tutorials / videos below, Sona shows us how to get the perfect orange-hue lip (my fave), statement eyes and lips, or camera-ready hair. This can come in handy for any Oscar parties you’re planning on throwing or attending! Don’t forget my invite!

Fun Tip: These videos are interactive! It will allow you to purchase any L’Oreal Paris product via Target.com, straight from the video. Watch the videos for instructions.

Which look below are you going to recreate?