Redefining Beauty with a Selfie

What is your definition of beauty? Don’t have an answer yet? That’s OK. We’re going to redefine it. You can start by watching Dove’s short film “Selfie.” Set to debut at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, the beauty brand is exploring how social media is changing our perception of beauty.

monique-frausto-curves-and-chaosI came across the film today and was moved at how our young girls and women of all ages struggle with their physical appearance. And how just taking something as simple as a selfie (AKA self-portrait) can bring out our insecurities.

We angle the camera certain ways, cut out certain body parts, and even use photo filters to hide what we deem flaws. All before even thinking about posting it to our social media networks. I will admit I’m guilty of this, and I’m pretty sure the majority of you reading this are too.

What is there to be afraid of? No one is perfect. Why are we so obsessed with trying to portray something that isn’t real. The truth of the matter is we are all different is so many beautiful ways.

And as one teen honestly points out in the film:

In the workshop, I was surprised when I heard the girls talk about their insecurities. When they said they were insecure about things, those were things that made them different. But, the things that made them different made them unique. And that made them beautiful.

You must watch this short film. Then, I encourage you take an unfiltered, untouched selfie, and share it proudly. And please feel free to share your personal comments below on what beauty means to you.

To learn more about Dove’s #BeautyIs campaign, click here.

  • There is no denying that Dove makes good films.


      I agree!!

  • Great short film, made me cry! I totally related with the girl who didn’t like her hair down. I had same issue growing up cuz of my curls. I still kinda do, you know my hair is always tied back..LOL I am showing this to my niece who complains about her looks….although me and everyone else think she is beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Jai @ Mami’s Time Out

    I love your selfie! You need to tell me where you got your glasses from I am in the market for a new pair and those are gorg!