For Him: How to Wear Polo Red

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the luxury influencers’ club Between Us. All opinions and thoughts in this post are honest and my own.

Our sense of smell is something unlike any other. With just one whiff of a certain scent you can be transferred to another place, memories recalled, and emotions can be evoked. That’s the power of scent. Whenever I choose a fragrance for my hubby, I make sure to choose one that’s not too strong, but is sexy and clean. One that I’ll definitely remember and one that will remind me of him whenever I smell it.

POLO RED EDT 125ml BottleI think that’s something to keep in mind when you’re shopping for his next fragrance. Will it be one that will leave a lasting impression?

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren is one that will definitely attract the senses. Created for the man “with drive,” it captures speed, seduction, and adrenaline in a sexy bold scent. Do they have your attention yet? It’s time to give the man on your gift list a little bit of sexy. It’s a mix of red saffron, fresh red grapefruit, and a deep redwood.

Your man will not only love this sexy scent, but maybe they’ll even appreciate these three tips on how to best wear cologne.

  • recommends that they never douse themselves in cologne. Instead, they should spray it on their pulse points—like their chest, base of the throat, under each ear, and even their wrists. Just make sure they don’t rub the cologne into their skin as the friction will break down the molecules causing the fragrance to dissipate quicker.
  • reports that light citrus scents or wood-based colognes are perfect for daytime activities. And nighttime scents, require something with “deeper mystery.” Try colognes with spicy notes or a musk-based scent.
  • proposes that different scents can be distracting. “You don’t have to use every variation on a fragrance—cologne, aftershave, body wash, deodorant,” says Mikel Cirkus, creative director of Firmenich, an aroma manufacturer. They recommend using them one at a time too. Just make sure the other products don’t clash with the scent they decide to go with.
You can find Polo Red here and get in on the conversation on their Facebook page here.

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