My New Obsession with Fall Hats

It’s begun. A new obsession. I’ve never been one to really wear hats. But, for some odd reason, I can’t seem to get them out of my head (no pun intended). I have the urge to go shopping for one, but I can’t. Instead I’ll sit here and drool over these fall hats I found at one of my favorite stores. Yes, the hats below are ALL from the fabulous Anthropologie. They have the best stuff! You can find all of them here. From Cloche, Fedora, to Rancher style. Plain or with a gorgeous embellishment. They’re all here. I imagine wearing one of these with the perfect dress on a crisp fall day. I can see it now. Only I would have an entire fashion scenario in my head. Go figure!

Are you obsessed with fall hats too? What style do you love the most?

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  • These are cute! my head is too big for hats now! it’s so annoying!