What’s Your Passion in Life?

What’s your passion in life? Is it something that you actually get to do every day? Or do you only dream about it at this point? The truth is, only a small percentage of us actually follow our passion. Why is that? Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so hard for us to take action and go after what we love?


I’ve been following my passion since I was a kid. It all started the minute I read my first newspaper. I was instantly in awe of the storytellers. I knew I wanted to be just like them—a journalist who not only told stories, but shared experiences.

It wasn’t until college when I realized it was time to follow my dream. That’s when the world of journalism opened up to me. Today, as a blogger, I definitely get to share my experiences. But, there are still the stories about the people in our community that need to be told. That’s where my passion lies.

When I think about how my passion is fueled, I think of the people in my life. Those who support me no matter what, like my hubby, parents, brother, friends, and family. I call them my cheerleaders and I can’t imagine not having them by my side. The ability to travel and meet amazing people also fuels my never ending passion. And I can’t forget my own personal happiness that contributes to going after what I love. Yes, it’s OK to be a little selfish.

Following your passion in life isn’t always easy. It’s a journey that can have many speed bumps along the way. Believe me, I’ve been there. But, if you want true happiness in your life, you will make the sacrifices and find a way to make it happen. I have faith in you…I know you can do it.

I’m asking you today to promise me you’ll take at least one step, even if it’s a tiny one, towards your passion.

I truly want to thank Nissan for sponsoring this post. It’s my blessing in disguise. Writing this has helped me realize how important it is to continue going after my dreams and what I’m passionate about in life.

I think we sometimes need a little bit of a push to get back on track. And when we get that push, we need to make sure we have access to the fuel in life to make our passion a reality.

I want to know what your passions are…share with us below!

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  • Melissa from Hungry Food Love

    My passion is to help others, specially those in need of all the blessings that I get to enjoy. I want to make this world a better place and sometimes I feel that if I don’t have all the puzzles together I cant start pursuing my bigger plan. But as you said here we need to start even with a small step and I am definitely planing to do that.

  • natgom

    My passion is film. I’ve always loved movies and hope one day to make and direct my own. What you said about starting with small steps is absolutely right I will start with the small step until I reach my dream. Thank you for your inspirational and yet wise words.

  • Reah Norman

    Following your passion is the only way to live, and definitely takes courage, strength,a lot of faith, and as you mentioned, a strong support system! Live your dreams, baby! We are blessed and lucky! <3

  • Katia Orellana-Helin

    My passion in life are books and food. I would like to have a restaurant or write books too. Thanks for this entry. Really was very inspiring!