Wait…What? You don’t Use RetailMeNot.com?

Raise your hand if you love to shop. Now, raise your hand if you love to save money. You know how easy it was to raise your hand right now? That’s how amazingly easy it is to shop and save money using RetailMeNot.com.

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I was really excited when I found out they were going to sponsor my trip to the Texas Style Council Conference in Austin. And if you’re wondering, NO they did not ask me to write this. I wrote it because they’re super awesome and I thought you should know about them. Because, if you don’t know about their site and freaking cool app, then you really do need to know!

RetailMeNot.com is the largest digital coupon site in the U.S.! They have thousands of coupons and deals from tons of stores on their site. All in order to help you save money.  That’s nice of them! Not only can you browse discounts, but you can also grab coupon codes. Whenever I look for a code, they’re the first place I look!

Just check out this exclusive code from JC Penney (only on RetailMeNot), where you can save up to 20% Off $100 + Free Shipping simply by using code RMN20 (expires 8/31/13).

Then there’s the RetailMeNot coupon app…believe me…it’s pretty cool. You literally have virtual coupons in the palm of your hand. The app give you access to in-store offers that allow you to save at the register. Yup, they can scan coupons from your phone. My favorite feature has to be the automatic alerts that tell you when there are deals nearby. Seriously, a frugal shopper’s dream.

Download the app here!

I’m curious…do you use RetailMeNot? How about their app?

  • Jai @ Mami’s Time Out

    So I have the app, have had it for a while….but never used it. Shame on me. Going to have to check it out now!


      You’re going to love it!