Striped Just Right (OOTD)

Always remember that stripes are our friends. Wearing them (proudly) can be fun and not scary! These are the words I tell myself when I reach for something with stripes. And yes, I said it when I found this striped sheer top at JC Penney. I immediately fell in love and made it my own. Can you imagine the number of ways I can wear this?

OK…yes I felt like a referee for a second, but that passed quickly. I put together this outfit for a night out with some friends. It’s been pretty warm here in L.A. lately, good thing these are faux leather pants and not the real thing. And these silver brushed wedges are divine! I can’t wait to wear them more often. By the way, I’m trying really hard to not buy high heels anymore. It’s all about wedge heels baby! It’s a bad feet thing. And as you can see, I kept my accessories simple, because the blouse really speaks for itself.

What I’m wearing: Riley & James Plus Size Top from JC Penney (not available online), Faux Leather Pants from Forever 21+ (old), Vince Camuto Silver ‘Melle’ Wedges found at Nordstrom Rack, and assorted silver jewelry.