For Him: Aveeno Men’s Skin Care

I’m going to be completely honest here. I have no control over the skin care products my hubby uses. As much as I want him to use certain brands, his face is in his hands (literally). He really doesn’t like trying new things…that is until I was sent the Aveeno Men’s skin care line to review.

Aveeno Men’s is specifically formulated for the skin care needs of a man. Using my hubby as the tester, he tried out Aveeno Men’s Shave Gel, After Shave, and Face Wash. All three products contain Aveeno’s ACTIVE NATURALS® Natural Colloidal Oatmeal formula. It’s fragrance free and helps moisturize and protect skin. I love anything that’s going to make the hubby’s cheeks more kissable (awwwww).

Sorry about that…on to the review.

The face wash, which is recommended to be used before shaving, is made to soften facial hair and leave the skin clean and smooth to help prevent nicks and cuts when shaving. According to my hubby, this left the his skin feeling refreshed.

After using the shave gel, his face felt smooth, he said he got a closer shave, and it didn’t leave his skin feeling oily. Never one to use an after shave, he loved how it cooled his face and didn’t sting. I think applying an after shave is kind of a fear for a lot of men out there. No worries, this is made to instantly calm and soothe skin after shaving for a healthy look. The shaving gel and after shave are both formulated to help prevent razor bumps.

Score one for Aveeno Men’s…this one is a winner! I even got the hubby to appear in one of my photos below!

Do you have a hard time getting the man in your life to try new skin care products?

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