Curvy Girl Travels: I’m Headed on an Expedition! #ALEx13

Yes…you read that right. I’m headed on an all expenses paid expedition, courtesy of the American Latino Heritage Fund! That means I’m going to experience the great outdoors. Yes…me in nature. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m always up for a challenge. That’s why my friends and I applied for this amazing opportunity. And you know I’m going to share this Curvy Girl Travels adventure!

In less than two weeks, we’re headed to the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Arizona. We’re going to hike, boat, and eat. I’ve only seen pictures, but it looks beautiful! We have an entire three days filled with activities. That means, we’re going to need some really cool gear.

And I also have to plan my beauty routine too! That’s a whole different post. I do know it’s going to include lots of bug spray and sunscreen!

Thanks to REI and Columbia for getting us chicas ready! And yes…as you’ll see in the video of my in-store video below, they do carry extended sizes. You can find REI Extended Sizes here and Columbia Extended Sizes here.

Stay tuned for lots of tweets and updates on this adventure. Keep an eye on the #ALEx13 hash tag or the official blog here. Oh…and watch my latest episode of Curves and Chaos TV below!

Curves-and-Chaos-REI-1 Curves-and-Chaos-REI-2 Curves-and-Chaos-REI-3 Curves-and-Chaos-REI-4 Curves-and-Chaos-REI-7 Curves-and-Chaos-REI-8