Curvy Girl Travels Forever Changed

When I started writing Curvy Girl Travels, I wanted to share more than travel stories. I felt like if I could share an experience with you, it may inspire you to start your own journey. It’s funny, because I feel like this post may be my first time actually sharing more than a tourist review.

I truly believe, that sometimes, all you need is one moment to change who you are forever. For me, it was a series of enchanting and welcomed moments. It all happened in a place that I will never forget. And it was with friends who now hold a more special place in my heart. Thank you American Latino Heritage Fund for this journey of a lifetime that has forever changed me.

It’s no secret that I don’t consider myself an “outdoorsy” girl. I’ve never been one to go hiking or camping on a regular basis. Yes, I was aware of the beauty nature can bestow. No, I didn’t take the opportunity to explore it. That was until I set foot in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. I felt like a tiny speck on this land that spans 1.2 million acres across Arizona and Utah.

This majestic and alluring desert landscape is so much more than what I can describe to you or what photos can show. It’s a place that you need to experience for yourself in order to appreciate it’s serene beauty . I was surrounded by jaw dropping mesas, I swam in the clear waters of Lake Powell, kayaked through mystical canyons, and was inspired by Navajo tales and the sacred land of the Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

There were moments when I felt like it was all a dream or I was sitting on a movie set that only Hollywood could design. It was definitely surreal and something I would have never dreamt of seeing in my lifetime. I felt honored to have been allowed to hike and explore this land.

I hope to be back one day with my loved ones. So, that I may share the magical beauty of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area with them. As much as I want to keep this place to myself, it wouldn’t be fair to deprive them of what I’m feeling from my time there. It was journey unlike any other, spiritually and mentally.

THANK YOU American Latino Heritage Fund, Aramark (Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas), National Park Foundation, REI, and Columbia for making this a trip of a lifetime and one I will NEVER forget!

On the waters of Lake Powell.
Conquering the hike up to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument in my Columbia Sportswear and REI gear.
Inside the majestic Upper Antelope Canyon.
Denise, Myself, Kathy, and Nicole—the Latina Blogstars.

Disclosure: This trip was sponsored. All opinions expressed in this post are true and my own.

  • I love your photos!! I have been hiking the national parks since 2009 and completely understand what you are expressing here. There is really something so magical about all of them. I have never been to the Glen Canyon area, but am feeling inspired by your journey. Thanks for sharing Monique!


      Thank you Carol! Can I just say how jealous I was of your trip. It was so stunning and beautiful!

  • I couldn’t be more thrilled that the 4 of you got to experience this together. Everything happens for a reason, so I can’t imagine what was manifested with you all together in a space like this.
    Reading this has also made me really just get out there and explore the beauty this country holds. Thank you!


      Thank you so much Ana. I wish this was a place we could all go together. I really do! We really need to head out to one asap!!

  • Elizabeth Dalton

    Amazing pictures! I love traveling! What an amazing opportunity! I might have to go check that place out one day!


      Thank you Elizabeth!! You really should. It’s so amazing!