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I don’t know if you guys know or not, but my dream has always been to write. When I was in college, I imagined myself traveling the world as a journalist. Today, I not only love to write on my blog, but I’m also a freelancer (available for hire by the way). And one of the places you’ll find me is over on, writing about beauty and style topics (this includes plus sizes) in their Latina section.

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And because you know I love to share with you guys, I’m going to start writing a weekly recap on what I’ve written over there. I write a couple of times a week and it’s definitely a challenge to keep up here and there. But, I always welcome a challenge!

You can find ALL of my Babble post’s here.

Here are this week’s blog posts:

Are You Making These Fashion Mistakes?

Are you guilty of making any of these fashion mistakes? They can result in you spending more money and wasting lots of time. Take a look! Continue reading…

5 Beauty Basics for the Great Outdoors

This weekend I’m leaving on an expedition courtesy of the American Latino Heritage Fund. Here are my five beauty basics for the great outdoors. Continue reading…

20 Sleek and Stylish Backpacks

The kids are going back to school and getting all the fun supplies, but you shouldn’t have to be left out. Here are 20 sleek and stylish backpacks. Continue reading…

17 Latinas on Self-Love and Body Confidence

Let’s talk self-love and body confidence. I asked 17 beautiful Latinas—of all ages, sizes, and shapes what they love the most about their body. Continue reading…