Exclusive: Inside Nina Shoes Showroom (Part I)

I’m finally home from traveling over the past 10 days! I was really homesick, you may have seen some of my tweets and posts here and there. But, now that I’m in my casa, I can post like a normal person. And the first one I want to share with you is from New York when I visited the Nina Shoes showroom. Yes, again!

You may remember I did the same thing last summer when I was in NYC (read it here). And I’m so happy that they welcomed me back.  Thanks Gemma and Lauren! I was in a shoe and clutch heaven…for the second time. I took a lot of photos while I was there and am going to break this post up into two parts.

Below you’ll see some amazing options for any special occasions or events you have coming up. It’s all about bling, sparkle, and embellishments in these collections. You could even rock some of these to liven up a few of your every day outfits. My favorites are…all of them. Yup…you read that right Nina Shoes…all of them!


Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-1 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-2 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-3 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-4 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-5 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-6 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-7 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-8 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-10 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-11 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-12 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-13 Nina-Shoes-Curves-and-Chaos-14

  • Candy Olivares

    OMG Monique- I’m going to have to agree with you!! All that you shown so far is AMAZING!! Did you get anything?? I can’t wait to see what you got!


      @candy_olivares:disqus just saw this comment! LOL…no I didn’t get anything 🙁