Celebrating My Papa on Father’s Day #Polo4Dad

The luxury influencers’ club Between Us has provided me with a sample of this fragrance for purposes of providing a review as well as compensation. All opinions and thoughts on this post are honest and mine.

I spoke to my dad on the phone today. It’s amazing how much he’s changed since I was a kid. IMG_4210He was never the lovey dovey type. He always had that “macho tough guy” persona. Today, my dad and I are super close and we have a great relationship. He’s an amazing man with a heart of gold, who is loved by many. And with Father’s Day around the corner I’m reminded about how grateful I am to have him in my life.

I think of the cool things we have in common—like both of us being veterans, we were born in the same hospital, our love for the Denver Broncos, and our passion for classic rock. He also passed on the love for cars that I have. And there are the not so fun things—like being very very impatient. Still an endearing quality if I say so myself.

There are the little moments I remember—like him getting my brother and I a donut and hot chocolate before church, listening to classic rock records with him in his garage, and him taking in stray cats just to make me happy.

There were the days he would come home exhausted from working construction. His sweat stained shirt and pants covered in cement. Getting up at 4 a.m. daily. All so that he could provide for us.

I love that no matter where I go in my hometown, everyone has amazing things to say about him. The things he does for others without ever asking for anything in return says so much about him. I think he sometimes thinks no one notices, but I do. I know that he is an amazing man. He’s my papa and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone in the world.

This Father’s Day I hope you get to spend time with the awesome dad in your life. And if you’re looking for any gift ideas to honor that special guy, make sure you check out the exclusive portfolio of Ralph Lauren Fragrances. They smell amazing! I’m giving my dad a bottle of the Ralph Lauren Polo. It’s classic, just like him.

  • Ralph Lauren Polo is a true classic that captures the rich heritage of the thoroughbred sporting tradition. Buy it here.
  • Polo Blue is perfect for men who navigate with freedom the open waters of life. Buy it here.
  • Polo Black is a modern fragrance as confident and powerful as the men who wear it. Buy it here.
  • Polo Double Black goes beyond elegance; it is a new definition of seduction and the ultimate expression of today’s modern men. Buy it here.
  • Polo Blue Sport is a match for competitive and victorious men. Buy it here.

You can also buy it at RalphLauren.com. And don’t forget—with the purchase of any of the 4.0 oz. or larger sized Eau de Toilette fragrances you will receive a FREE Father’s Day tote as gift with purchase.


Polo Black and Polo Double Black
Polo Blue Sport and Polo Blue
Ralph Lauren Polo


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  • la diva latina mag

    happy fathers day! esp to all the fathers who arent necessarily the “lovey-dovey” types!

  • Gilda Campos

    Feliz dia del padre!!. Aunque mi padre perdio la batalla contra el cancer hace unos anos, en mi mente y corazon el continuara vivo hasta que deje de respirar, y siempre me acompana como un escapulario a donde voy. El fue fundamental en mi vida y aun despues de que su cuerpo ya no esta aqui, su alma, sus consejos y mis mejores momentos de infancia fueron junto a el.