Will You Wear…a Maang Tikka?

The maang tikka, traditionally worn by an Indian bride on her wedding day, is making a little appearance on the ASOS web site. Known as tikka hair clips on ASOS, these ornate hair accessories are stunningly beautiful. Question is…are you bold enough to rock one?

ASOS Ornate Spiked Tikka Hair Clip


ASOS Double Gem Spike Tikka Hair Clip

ASOS Teardrop and Chain Link Tikka Clip

ASOS Petal Tikka & Ear Cuff

ASOS Eye Drop Tikka Hair Clip

  • Jennifer Sawyer

    yes i would wear them i think its very fashionalbe and it doesnt hurt to mix culture into things.

  • Lindsey

    They remind me of the pearl that the Childlike Empress wears in the Neverending Story, which I was obsessed with as a kid. I would walk around with a pearl necklace on my face to pretend. But these days, I don’t know if I could rock it.

  • SweetT

    Nope. Kind of racist, IMO…wouldn’t wear a native headdress that is so popluar these days, either.

  • susanoh72

    Yes, I would wear Tikka. It is not just for Indians or Hindus. Just as bindhi is worn by many regardless of culture. Bindhi has been worn by Madonna, Gwen Stefani and many others (famous or not) before Selena Gomez rocked it! Also, besides a bride wearing a tikka on her wedding day, it’s also worn by others at weddings, festivals and holidays and even parties or other events.