Style Trend: Bermuda Shorts

Here’s something you may have noticed about me, I don’t  normally wear shorts. I’m not really a big fan. Especially, since the styles have been pretty short lately. Just not my thing. But, now that Bermuda shorts are making a comeback for the summer, you just might see me in a pair.

Curves-and-Chaos-Plus-Size-Bermuda-Shorts-7Also knows as “walking shorts” or “city shorts,” Bermuda shorts are longer in length usually to the knee. Anything a lot shorter or longer is not a Bermuda short. That’s just an FYI. And after a little research, I found out this style of shorts originated with the British Army. They wore them as a way to stay cool in tropical and desert climates. The name originated due to their popularity on the island of Bermuda.

As you’ll see below, they come in a lot of different colors, denim washes, and materials. Some are cuffed and distressed. What separates these from regular shorts is their tailored cut, which brings them closer to the body. Check out the 16 pairs I found below in a range of prices.

I’m curious…will we see you rocking a pair of Bermuda shorts this summer?

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  • Elaina

    Bermuda shorts are great. Very comfy and cute

  • Betzy Carmona

    I had the biggest obssesion for them a few years ago

  • SweetT

    It would be awesome if you’d link to the items so we’d know what to buy! 🙂