Is Name Calling in Magazines OK? (Poll)

It’s 2013, is name calling in magazines still happening? Yes…sigh…so there I was…chatting with some really nice woman on the plane. She offered me one of her magazines to read. I accepted, because I used to love this certain publication. As I was flipping through, I came across a “Sexy vs. Skanky” feature. I stopped and read it. The big bold print, bright colors, celebrity photos, and brazen headline grabbed my jet-lagged attention.


I immediately felt uneasy about this feature. defines sexy as excitingly appealing; glamorous. While, it defines skanky as dirty, foul-smelling, or unattractive.

My first thought was “why would a magazine aimed at young (some impressionable) women resort to name calling because they don’t approve of their fashion choices?” Especially, one that claims it’s a “…cheerleader—for millions of fun, fearless females who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives.” This feature doesn’t really match that motto.

I’m not going to name the publication, all though most of you will probably know who it is. I don’t think it’s about this magazine, but all of those out there targeted to young women. And according to this magazine’s media kit, 58% of it’s readers are ages 18-34 with millions of issues in circulation.

So…this is where my confusion lies and maybe you can help me by answering the two polls below.

Why would a very popular magazine (aimed at young women) call other women “skanky” and think it’s OK?

Do you think magazine features like this affect the way we (as women) constantly judge each other?

I may not agree with what you’re wearing or how much skin you’re showing, but does that mean it’s OK to result to name calling?

Am I thinking too much into this? Is this just for “fun and entertainment” only? Does that then make it OK?

I’d love to know what you think…take my poll below and leave a comment.

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  • I think features like this try to use the excuse of fun and entertaining but if you look at it for what it is, it teaches girls and women to be catty about our physical appearances and that it is ok to point it out when really, it is not.

  • Marla Verdugo

    name calling is not okay. especially when it’s so harsh and contradictory to what the magazine says it stands for. ew. We are supposed to lift eachother up and not push eachother down.

  • Carol (More Than Curves)

    I personally think it’s shameful that magazines resort to this type of namecalling. I don’t care if you are rich and famous or not known at all. You wear what YOU feel sexy or good in. You can be dressed to the 9’s (based on fashion mags) and be uncomfortable and feel like crap and YES it does show in your demeanor because you don’t feel good in what you are wearing , or you can wear something you totally love and in YOUR eyes feel your sexiest in and that shows through too and should be able to without being called names!! I don’t think anyone especially not a magazine that can influence millions of people especially if geared towards younger people or teenagers should be calling out anyone because of the way they are dressed!! On top of it all even if they are going to resort to name calling , use the words properly and in context at the very least. This is in no way reporting and in no way informative and in no way helpful to anyone. The problem is, they get away with it because we are conditioned to continue to buy these magazines. If people stopped buying them and told them why , only then will this sort of behaviour stop.Well , the fashion industry is finally starting to catch on slowly that there are Plus sized people out there needing plus sized fashions and wanting to see plus sized models ,, long slow process but maybe , just maybe it will rub off on these magazines and help instill some real values on the art of loving ourselves on all levels. Make noise people , make lots of noise until they “get” it !!

  • It bothers me when this happens

  • Skanky is pretty harsh! One person’s skanky, is another person’s sexy. It’s all subjective. If you feel confident in the way you look…rock it, no matter the title.

  • Kim

    I absolutely hate stuff like this! Everyday, I listen to my coworkers go on and on and on about celebrities, their clothes, and their bodies and it drives me nuts. Just because someone is famous doesn’t make it open season on their body and clothing choices. I mean people wonder why bullying is such a problem with kids now but every time I turn on a TV or open a magazine, I see garbage like this. I remember how impressionable I was before I really started to learn about things like internalized misogyny and classism. Fortunately for me, I know things like this are BS but I wonder how many girls and women out there take this mess to heart and pass it on to other people in their lives? I could rant for hours about it so I’ll wrap it up by saying articles like the one in the above magazine are not OK and people just need to be kind to each other… if a person doesn’t like someone else’s style or clothing choices, that’s fine but it doesn’t give them the right to try and break that person down. /rant

  • I think articles such as this one create negative competition between women. It promotes cliques, cattiness, and gossiping in my opinion. These magazines should publish more articles that empower young women and promote sisterhood and support.

  • Ana

    These fashion magazines are absolute Garbage Nowadayss Almost soft Porn. The fashions are not appropriate for Young Women and Teenage Girls Who love these Magazines. My Daughter Veronica Who is still in High School Considers Latina, Cosmo,Cosmo for Latinas, ANd Glamour Her Bibles. I Have taken them away from her and thrown them away Because she brings them to school and reads them in class when she is supposed to be Paying attention in Class and listening to her Teachers. The last straw was when she called her teacher the word that rhymes with Witch while sheconfiscated her Latina magazine and tore it up, Like I gave her permission to when ever this happens, So I gathered up all the rest of this trash and shredded them up and threw them away. I told her many times that if this kept up I was going to do something with her magazines that she Wouldn’t like, So She had Fair Warning. TOUGH Also she is reciving a Low C in this class cause she keeps reading this garbage in class.