Shoe Fever: Jelly Shoes Return

Sigh…I knew it was inevitable. Jelly shoes are back. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this. I was a little girl when this shoe became popular (back in the day). And now that it’s making it’s comeback I find myself itching for a pair or two…or three.

Made of PVC plastic, you’re going to find jelly shoes in so many different colors, styles, and a wide range of prices. A lot more than when I was a kid. Thanks to a recent collaboration between Forever 21 and Brazilian brand Melissa, they’re really going to hit the streets soon.

Now that I think about it…I remember how these used to make my feet sweat. It was not cute at all, especially when you’re dancing all over the place trying to be like Madonna. Anyways, I wonder if they’re still the same way. I guess I’ll have to find out.

I found you 20 pairs of jelly shoes below.  What do you think? Will you grab a pair this spring and summer? 

[nggallery id=2]

  • I loved jelly shoes when i was a kid and now they are even cuter! I have a pair of DVF jellys and love them, they don’t even look like jelly sandals.


      We should have been bff’s as kids LOL!