Lucky FABB Snapshots: Day 2

Hola loves! I’m posting from my amazing (I swear I’m not bragging) Miami Beach hotel room. As I’m sitting here, wishing I was at the beach instead, I keep reliving Lucky FABB. You already know I loved it. In fact, here are a few photos from the second day.

I didn’t forget my camera’s memory card that day. LOL. I would have to say the highlight of that day was actually getting to meet the amazing Betsey Johnson. If you follow me on Twitter than you saw that pic. If not, I included it below. I’m trying out this new gallery thing, so you can click through the photos below.

Betsey Johnson was incredibly adorable and I told her “thank you for the cute plus size pj’s” she got the biggest smile on her face. And between you and me, I think they may be considering plus sizes for their dresses. How amazing would that be?

I also got to get a great mini-manicure from Covet and a few goodies from some of the other brand that were there. I’m wearing a Liz Claiborne blouse from last fall. Love that top! So, take a peek below at my pics!

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