My Clairol Natural Instincts Experience

For the past six years I didn’t let a drop of hair dye touch my luscious locks. I was afraid of “damaging” my hair and the thought of touching up my roots every so often annoyed me. That was until this past weekend when I welcomed Clairol Natural Instincts into my hair life. Things have changed people.



I was completely floored when I was asked to participate in a cool Clairol project with two amazing Latina YouTube gurus. Giselle of Sprinting in Stilettos, Iris of I Love Gerardo and I all had hair makeovers and a photo shoot courtesy of Clairol, celebrity hair stylist Gilbert Muniz, and celebrity makeup artist Kimberly Braglone…who are all now my best friends.

It all went down in Hollywood in a suite at the historic Hotel Roosevelt. First let me say, everyone was awesome! Below is my before picture where you’ll see my naturally black brown hair color. They choose Clairol Natural Instincts in Midnight Black #36 for me. A great way to add the “oomph” and shine to my hair, without freaking me out and going too drastic.




What I love the most about Natural Instincts, besides it beng ammonia-free, is the fact that it’s a semi-permanent dye. I’ve read that these can only darken hair and I’m OK with that! Some of the ingredients include coconut oil, aloe, vitamin and antioxidants. The color should last through at least 28 shampoos. Yay! No dealing with touching-up roots! And It’s super easy to do at home, with only a 10 minute processing time.

As you can see below, Gilbert and I had a little bit of fun during the styling. They had such a long day and he was still cracking jokes!




Here I am all styled and beautified with the stunning Giselle. What do you think? I LOVE MY LOOK! Sorry for the all caps on that one. But, I never had my hair like this before and I wish I could do this every day. I’m loving the shine and how soft my hair feels!! If you’re wondering the top is from Forever 21.




Some “behind-the-scenes” photos below.  They also did two other looks, but you’ll have to wait to see those. LOL! Thank you for an amazing day Clairol, Gilbert, Kimberly and team! I had so much fun!

**Please read all instructions and warnings before dying your own hair.**




Disclosure: I received a gift bag. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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