In Heaven with ASOS Curve Skirts

For those of you who know me, you know I’m not really much of a skirt fan. You’ll hardly see me wearing them. But, now that spring is hitting I can’t stop thinking about them. Especially, these ASOS Curve skirts. I’m kind of in a skirt fever? That sounds kind of weird doesn’t it? LOL!

I was thinking of doing a post about cute plus size skirts, but no one really had any standouts, except ASOS Curve. Some of these might be a little too short for me, so I’ll probably stick to the pencil and maxi styles. But, man are those skater skirts cute! I’m dying over that skater skirt in tan leather!!!

You can find all of ASOS Curve skirts here. 

Are you a fan of skirts?


  • Rita

    Yes, I like skirts and wear them most days to the office. And I love these! I’ve never heard of ASOS, but that’s really not saying much haha!