ASOS and Barely There Sandals

I hate being in shoe love. I really do. First it starts off with seeing the shoe online, then moves on to drooling over it, and then thinking about them on your feet. The next thing you know I’m planning an outfit around them and I’m broke. Today, I can only blame ASOS for making me fall in shoe love. I just had to click over to their site today and see their promo for their new collection of Barely There Sandals.

As you’ll see below, they all have that ankle strap and simple strap across the toes. It’s a great understated shoe. It can practically be worn with anything, but in my head I see this style of shoe with something in an elaborate design or print. These heels come in so many different colors, heights, and heel thickness. I think the HighGate, Hackney, and Hometown are my favorites, but I really could go for any of these.

The only issue I have would be the ankle strap. All I can think about is if it’s going to fit around my ankle. I just recently bought a pair of shoes with this and it barely fit me. Oh the things us big girls go through with shoes. Find the ASOS Barely There Sandal collection here.

So what do you think? Which style below is your favorite?


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  • I have very funny looking toes…so wearing a shoe like this has never been in my radar, but I tell you one thing I love them, the way they look on feet in general. I guess I’ve seen worse toes in a shoe so I’m thinking of getting the mint pair that i’ve been obsessed with and the half moon pair.