What the Heck is this #MySmarterCommerce Hash Tag?

See this #MySmarterCommerce hash tag? Over the next few weeks you’re going to see it around. I just thought I’d take a few minutes to let you know what it’s doing hanging around here. I was invited by IBM (Yes, that IBM) to join in on campaign where I share my personal story of how technology and social media plays a role in my life.

You all know I’m a blogger and yes it’s my life. I’ve been doing it since 2008 as a way to keep myself writing during the recession because I couldn’t find a job. That’s when my life changed. I discovered a passion for blogging and social media that I never knew existed. Now that I think about it, it’s actually a passion for sharing information and my personal experiences.

I get to share my love, likes, and dislikes of the world. One minute I’m telling you what shoes I’m drooling over and next I’m telling you about my denim jean issues. No matter the topic, if it’s something that will help another person then I’m happy to share it!

Last night, my hubby made this comment to me…”You’re on the internet when you go to sleep and you’re on the internet when you wake up.” It’s very true. I’m simply amazed at how it influences and affects our daily lives. I might even be just a little obsessed. I mean…come on! I can’t make it to New York Fashion Week, but with just one click I’m watching a live stream runway show of one of my favorite designers.

Since becoming a blogger I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities that I can’t even list them! And nevermind the fact that I’ve met some amazing people with the help of social media and technology. So, over the next few weeks whenever you see me use the #MySmarterCommerce hash tag it’s just a reminder of how blogging plays a role in my life. Now, how about you?

How does technology and social media play a role in your life? Leave me a comment below!

#spon: I have been invited by IBM to share my honest thoughts and experiences around Smarter Commerce, and as part of this collaboration, IBM may provide me with product, access, content or other forms of remuneration. All opinions are expressly my own.

  • Thank you Monique for letting us know about the #MySmarterCommerce hashtag. Like you, technology and social media have changed my world. It’s given me the opportunity to start my own business and work from home. It’s also impacted my children’s lives. Because of technology and social media, my teen headed a session at SxSW and also received a four year scholarship to college. My tween’s interest in Robotic Engineering was also sparked by technology and social media. Like his older brother, it’s also paved the way toward a scholarship in a small private NYC school (12 kids or less per class!). It has totally changed our world for the better!

  • Divina

    I graduated with a masters in communications and needed a creative outlet for my love of movies. Four years later my site Dancing Hotdogs is my virtual playground I write about everything I love, fun events I attend and just document the amazing accomplishments of my sons. I love how I use technology whether its my smartphone, laptop or ipad and social media whether its twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube to capture a moment and share with my virtual village.

  • yvonne condes

    Technology and social media has changed my life n so many ways. I’ve met some of my personal heros, started an entirely new career, and, this may sound strange, became a more healthy person. This was all through social media and blogging. Right now, I’m thrilled to be working on a campaign to help a teacher friend get art supplies for her class. She teaches in a district with deep financial troubles and any little bit helps. This is what it’s all about; using your voice to help others.