What do Zumba, Old Navy, and Rocsi Diaz have in common?

It’s not a trick question or anything…I’ll just go ahead and tell you. They made me sweat. That’s what Zumba, Old Navy, and Rocsi Diaz have in common. They worked (kicked) my butt with a 30 minute workout session! They also proved to me and everyone at Pop Physique that I have no rhythm whatsoever. None. 

I’m OK with not having an ounce of rhythm. I’m used to it! LOL! That’s just me. But, after burning nearly 700 calories in less than an hour, I may need to reconsider this Zumba as a form of workout. And why haven’t I been wearing workout gear from Old Navy’s line Active?

The funny thing is, I bought a few Active pieces before I went to this event because I had an Old Navy gift card…without trying them on. I know…I know. I’m bad at that. I had just heard good things about it. Then they sent me an outfit for this event and now I’m in love. The quality is amazing and you can’t argue with the prices.

They do carry Active in plus sizes, but I’m a size 16 and the XL (tops/bottoms) fit me perfect. And by perfect I mean “snug as a bug in a rug.”  The sports bra I wore is an XXL and it barely contained my boys. The style I wore was not made for an high-impact workout. I would like to try their other styles though. And holy compression pants! These things are awesome! They hold it all in!

This is what I wore to the event: Women’s Active Jacket, Women’s Active Performance Hoodie, Women’s Active Compression Pants, and Women’s Padded Sports Bra.


I would like to say THANK YOU to the fabulous Rocsi Diaz who led the class. She’s very motivating…she threatened to drag us to the front of the class if we tried to hide in the back and not give 100%! LOL! That was enough motivation for me! And if you didn’t know she made the move from BET to Entertainment Tonight. Welcome to L.A. Rocsi!

Thank you again Old Navy for the invite and you’ve definitely made me a fan of your Active workout line!

What’s your favorite way to workout? Share and comment below!


Disclosure: I was gifted items, courtesy of Old Navy, for review purposes only. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

  • I haven’t been to zumba in years but I LOVE IT! And mixed with Old Navy, well then you know it’s a good time 🙂 By the way, your photobomb is HILARIOUS!!!


      Zumba is way too much fun! Even if you can’t dance like me! LOL!

  • I can’t believe I miss this 🙁 I love zumba


      Awwwwwwe…I know! Wish you could’ve made it!

  • Zumba is the business! I love taking the live classes especially with a really good instructor.


      It is a lot fun…even for the dancing challenged like me! LOL!

  • It looks like you had fun