My Favorite Fragrance Tips for Valentine’s Day (Giveaway)

If you could bottle up the smell of love, what would it smell like? Maybe a little like Ralph Lauren’s Romance. It was created to “evoke the timeless essence of falling in love.” Wouldn’t that be perfect for Valentine’s Day? Keep on reading to find out how you can enter to win your own bottle.

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and if you’re going to cover your sensuous curves in your favorite fragrance, it only makes sense that you do it right. Here are a few of my favorite fragrance tips to add to your romantic day.


  1. According to, spray your favorite fragrance on your pulse points. These are the warmest spots on your body. And heat intensifies fragrance. Try behind your knees, the area just above your hip bones, the nape of your neck, your cleavage, the small of your back, and insides of your elbows. Read How to Make Fragrance Last (Without Overdoing It).
  2. Beauty recommends lightly misting your hair with fragrance. It will “leave a gentle scent in your wake, as you move through your day.” They do advise to be careful and only apply it freshly-washed hair. And since perfume contains alcohol it can dry your hair. Apply sparingly and from a distance. Read How and Where to Apply Perfume to Make It Last Longer.
  3. knows that we sometimes overdo it with our fragrances. They have a great tip, just swab the area with rubbing alcohol to remove it.Read Apply A Little Too Much Perfume? Try On A Stinky One? Here’s What You Do…
  4. One of my favorite tips is one I always practice. When spraying perfume on your wrists don’t rub them together after applying it. It will actually break down the scent.
  5. The last tip is courtesy of Beauty again…make sure to apply perfume before putting on your clothes and your jewelry. It could leave permanent stains on fabrics, metals, and pearls. Read How and Where to Apply Perfume to Make It Last Longer.

And in case you’re looking for a gift idea for Valentine’s Day try the Ralph Lauren Romance Gift set . It’s available online here.

To enter to win your own bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance leave a comment below sharing your favorite fragrance tip or tell us what you love most about Ralph Lauren Romance.

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  • Santana ™

    Fragrance tip: I spray after I get out of the shower, I also layer up with the matching lotion if I have it & I also lightly spray into my hair.

  • Santana ™
  • Jamie Cheeley

    When I’m wearing a dress or skirt…I always put a spritz behind each of my knees. I read a long time ago that the scent will rise as you move.

  • Mercedez Reza

    My fragrance tip, I would sprits my perfume about three times into an open area in front of me, and walk through it like a wall. The fragrance then wraps around my whole body and I am ready to go without over doing it.

  • Mercedez Reza

    Mercedez Reza
    I just entered to win a bottle of @RalphLauren Romance with @CurvesandChaos #RomanceBU

  • rachel

    A friend in college always used Ralph Lauren Romance. I’d convince her to let me use it sometimes, too! It’s elegant and light and romantic.

  • Amy Orvin

    I love the Ralph Lauren Romance’s scent the most. I think it smells really good!

  • Marlita On The Run

    Sometimes I spray a little fragrance in my hairbrush and brush it through my hair. :)


  • yeny flores

    I spray a little bit of perfume right after the shower. Lasts longer!

  • yeny flores


  • MGraves

    Cut back during the summer and times when I know it will be really warm so that the heat won’t make it over-powering. :)


    I love this fragrance. I place a sache on my closet..

  • Elena

    I love this fragrance because it’s sophisticated and not too strong

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  • Joey

    Perfume tip: a little goes a long way! I think it’s best when the scent is subtle.

  • Joey
  • Leni

    I’ve been told more than once not to spray the fragrance directly on myself. Mist the air in front of me and let it settle on me to not have an over powering scent.

  • Jenny Ham

    I spray a little perfume on a tissue and place it on my heater vent shortly before my date shows up then the nice fragrance spreads throughout when the heater kicks on throughout the evening…

  • Nicki Joseph

    I take perfume samples and stash them in my purse for when I need a pick me up :)

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    I always reapply my fragrance daily to my wrists.
    pokergrl8 at

  • Amanda Sakovitz
  • Thomas Murphy

    I love how the scent is light but it lingers. My wife has worn this before and I really liked it

  • Thomas Murphy
  • Bella Campos

    You can spray perfume on a cotton ball and dab it in any area in your body where you want people to notice the scent.

  • Bella Campos
  • Patricia

    I love that this scent is not to overpowering. yellow_patricia at Hotmail dot com

  • Patricia
  • Julie

    My tip is to remember never to overdo perfume

  • Marie

    I love to mix perfumes to add my own little twist to perfumes.

  • Marie
  • Arlene

    Putting on perfume after I apply my lotion usually makes my perfume last longer

  • bohemian babushka

    Fav tip- put some of your perfume on a cottonball, then leave said cottonball in your sweetie’s car.

  • bohemian babushka