Curvy Girl Travels: Planning a BFF Weekend is Hard!

There’s going to be a few days in April when you won’t hear a peep out of me. Yes, that is possible. That’s going to be the much needed weekend I spend with my BFF (Best Friend Forever…duh!). We’re sitting here trying to plan the weekend and all I want to do is make sure it’s perfect. Well…it doesn’t have to “perfect,” she is my best friend who loves me through all imperfections.

But, I do want a weekend that has it all. Now, it would help to know that my best friend of 17 years lives on the other side of the United States on the East Coast. And I haven’t seen her in over a year. She’s seriously the sister I never had. Love this girl to death. About a week ago it just hit me. I need a few days with my best friend. No internet, no hubby’s/boyfriends, great food, fun, a little adventure, and lots of cold beverages.

Yeah...we like adventure.
Yeah…we like adventure.


That's not us...but it could be!
That’s not us…but it could be!


Maybe a road trip?
Maybe a road trip?


Here’s the dilemma…we both want to visit a place we’ve never been. That’s kinda hard since we travel a lot. We threw a few places out there and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Key West, Florida were two options. It won’t be spring break then, so I don’t have to worry about the college kids. Geez…I sound like an old lady! LOL!

Is it too much to ask for a reasonably priced weekend on the beach with my best friend? Or do we do something in a city setting? My only request…no camping in a tent. I’m not about sleeping on the floor. That is all.

I’m so confused! HELP!

Do you have any suggestions?

Where would you go for a weekend with your best friend?

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  • Bora Bora. I am suggesting it more because I want to go there. 😀


      Bora Bora sounds NICE! lol

  • Elissa

    Palm Springs is fun, New Orleans, Santa Ynez for wine tasting


      I can do wine tasting 🙂

  • nugrass

    Forget about Myrtle Beach! You have too much class for that. How bout Charleston, SC? Savannah, GA? Key West, FL is great too!


      I might suggest Key West! Thanks!

  • I know people who visited Myrtle Beach and they loved it! How about Chicago?


      She wants to do Chicago, but I think we need beach time. LOL.