My Denim Dilemma

Yes…you read that correctly…I have a denim dilemma. I just can’t seem to find that perfect pair of jeans. It’s so annoying because, I love wearing denim. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m wearing it in about 90% of my outfit posts.

You’re probably wondering what my problem is. Where do I start?ID-100126765

First of all, I have a high waist that makes low rise and even some mid rise jeans uncomfortable to wear.  And they’re constantly falling under my belly! I know I’m not the only one this happens to. LOL! I need a normal rise. 

Then there’s the good ol’ rubbing of the thighs. This almost always wears out the inner thigh area of the jeans with them eventually ripping or tearing. It’s not fun!

Another thing I can’t stand is when you put on a pair of your favorite jeans that are a perfect fit. Only to have them stretch out with them practically falling off of you at the end of the day.

Lastly, saggy butt. I’m not flat back there, but I’m also not bootylicious. I’m kind of in-between. Is there a “fit” for me? Right now, the only pair of decent fitting jeans I have would be my Levi’s Curve ID.

OK, I will admit I’ve never paid more than $70 for jeans. Could this be my problem? Are designer or luxury denim the answer? HELP!!

Who are your favorite denim brands?

Are you in the same boat? What’s your denim issue?

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  • Hey there all my curvy gals,

    I totally identify with these jean dilemmas! The wearing out of the inner thigh area is the most frustrating thing about jeans! The only jeans I wear are the Sophia skinny jeans from Torrid which run about $58. These seem to last longer in the thigh area than most other jeans I have tried. They also fit me great because I have wide hips and a big bum. I haven’t tried any of the upper priced jeans from Torrid, they look like they are of a good sturdy quality, but I just cannot break down and spend that much on jeans.


      Yeah, the pricing on the luxury brand jeans can be ridiculous!

  • I have a denim dilemma too, I experience all of the things you do and then a couple not mentioned, like: I have really short legs, so EVERYTHING is always far to long for me and if I buy nice bootleg jeans I end up losing that shape because I need to cut them, the waist band always sits in the wrong place for my shape, I would like it to be higher so it doesn’t cut across the widest part of my tummy.


      I feel so bad for you on the length and tummy issue! We need to do a jean investigation!

  • JazzyFresh

    I agree with this post. I am somewhat short waisted. I am also very bottom heavy- so jeans never fit my waist . I also hate when my jeans tear on the inside of my thighs. I hate SBS- aka saggy booty syndrome. Typically , me going up a size does not help – just means that the jeans will be falling off of me. I currently am wearing the Genius fit from Lane Bryant- and I am still not happy.


      Saggy Booty Syndrome! LOL! Yeah I can go down a size, but then the waist it too tight.

  • Denise Cortes

    This post is the story of my life. My jeans only have a life expectancy of as long it takes for my thighs to burn holes in the thighs! I patch, sew–basically do what I can to prolong the life of my jeans. I am short-waisted, bottom heavy AND my inseam is ridiculously short (31 inches is cutting it close). I don’t have the saggy butt problem, but I do have the issue of the stretch becoming too baggy by the end of the day. I hate saggy crotch!!

    So far, Torrid has been the only place for a trendy cut. Their latest pair with the ankle zippers are cute, on trend and they fit nicely. But the $60 is ouchy. I have a few pairs of jeans from The Avenue that I despise because the fit is all wrong but my options are slim in the denim department because my butt is too big to fit into F21 jeans, Old Navy, etc. And I’m too scared to shop online. So there’s that. I literally have over 20 pairs hanging in my closet and right now, only one pair is to my satisfaction. Until I rub the thigh area thin—aargh!! :/


      Oh no! I do like that Torrid style you’re talking about but the waist is too low for me. And like you I have tons of jeans just sitting in the closet. Sigh! I hope we find a solution quick!

  • PlushPlum

    I’m apple shaped and short-waisted. Normal rise jeans usually come nearly to my belly button. I’ve had a lot of success with Levi for basic denim, and my current favorite jeans are a pair of flares from Torrid a year ago or so. I also like Seven7 – they last forever and fit really well. NYDJ come up way too high on me and the crotch is too baggy 🙁 Which sucks.


      NYDJ is one brand I really want to try but their prices kill me!

  • Afro Latina Mundo

    Well, what I suggest for the tighs that are wearing thin. I iron soft patches in the inside of my jeans. If you do it on the outside just make sure it matches. But again, you can change the color to have matching shoes or sneaker to match the outside patches. O.k buena suerte con su look de Jean


      Thank you! And that’s a great idea too! I’ll look into the patches 🙂

  • Have you tried the Avenue? I buy my jeans from there – about $40 a pair and last a few years, considering I wear them every single weekend.


      I have not tried Avenue, but I will! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Cosmos

    Yes! Whenever I buy jeans, they stretch so that I can barely keep them up by the end of the day! My solution has been to avoid jeans, but sometimes you just need jeans! I usually try to wear them for only a few hours so that I can keep them up before they stretch out.


      Maybe it is a sign to wear other items besides jeans?

  • Okay, funny you should mention this because I have recently discovered the Sweetheart cut by Old Navy and it really works for my body. It is a higher rise, but doesn’t cover my bellybutton which I do not like. I bought a pair on sale for $9.99 and promptly returned to by 4 more pairs in different colors. Who knew that some of the most affordable and easy to get jeans out there would be the ones I love.