Are Your Malls Plus Size Friendly?

I live in Los Angeles, the land of curves, but apparently lack of curvy love. Months ago, I (accidentally) discovered that the Forever 21 located in the Beverly Center carried plus sizes. I was surprised, I mean it is Beverly Hills. And I think the only other store in that mall that carries plus sizes is Macy’s and possibly Ann Taylor (they go up to an 18).

I get it, apparently people in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles aren’t fat. That’s why the Nordstrom Rack across the street from the mall doesn’t carry plus sizes either. The manager there told me it’s a “demographic” thing. I say it’s probably a little bit of fat phobic thing. But, that’s just my opinion.

Yesterday, a friend and I strolled through the Beverly Center. We headed to Forever 21, so I can use my gift card. Oh, but wait…I couldn’t use it. Turns out they took the plus sizes out about a month ago. According to a F21 associate “it wasn’t selling as good as we thought it was going to.”


Image via Beverly Center
Image via Beverly Center


So…you’re telling me that if you stick plus sizes on the top floor, way off into the corner , and never advertise it-it won’t sell? DUH! I’m no retail expert, but if you follow that plan of course they won’t sell! Don’t blame it on us!

This is pretty much the story of many plus size departments. In fact, the plus section at the Macy’s in the Beverly Center seems like a deserted wasteland. It’s dim and dark. They’re hardly any sales associates in that area as well. In fact most plus sizes are pushed off into the corners in most department stores.

This post is written mostly with frustration of my experience yesterday and many years of disappointment all together. I don’t think I’ll shop at the BC. Not that they’ll miss me. LOL! They’re great if you love luxury brands.

I will say the Westfield Culver City mall, in my opinion, has the best selection of plus size stores and departments in the Los Angeles area.

Where are your favorite malls to shop at for plus sizes? Please share with us!!



  • Chris

    The Macy’s store in NYC has the plus size department I have ever seen in a department store. I don’t even bother shopping at the Macy’s near where I live, they cater to the 70 year old woman


      Yeah, the Macy’s at the mall I mentioned is pretty huge!

  • The biggest mall in my area just closed their Lane Bryant which I find really strange as it was always packed. The only plus size store in the mall now is Torrid… all of this for an area with over 1.6 million people. Fat girls get no retail love apparently.


      No love!! The mall I mentioned actually just had a LB close too! Crazy!

  • I am in Ontario, and unfortunately if you are a larger size it is nearly impossible to find anything trendy. There is only one mall in this city that carries plus sizes and they had two stores (one was removed) and an Old Navy(up to 18) that had carried larger sizes. I find it is like that at most malls, only two, three at the most stores that have larger sizes. I cannot wait to get my passport and go across the border shopping where there are much more options(Macy’s, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and so on).


      Come on over Alicia! 🙂

  • ThePirateBee

    I live near the Livingston Mall in New Jersey, which is relatively small as malls go, yet it’s still the most plus-size friendly shopping center I’ve ever seen. It has a Lane Bryant, a Fashion to Figure, and an Ashley Stewart, there’s an H&M that carries their plus size line, plus a Macy’s and a Sears that have options. It’s absolutely wonderful, especially when I’m looking for something very specific, to be able to walk into a mall and have so many options.


      Thank you for sharing!!

  • Faith

    The MOA here in MN is apparently very good for plus sized ladies. My friends who are larger ( I’m a four) always have tons of options. Of course, when there’s four hundred stores you’re bound to find something, right?

  • thirties girl

    I’m in L.A., too, and also recommend the Fox Hills Mall (aka Westfield Culver City) frequently to people new to the area or traveling through and looking for malls with a decent selection of plus size stores. The South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach is also not bad, but doesn’t have as many plus size stores as Culver City. They have Lane Bryant, Torrid, Mode Plus, Macy’s plus size section, and Kohl’s (which has one of the smaller plus size sections in comparison to other Kohl’s stores in the area). The Lakewood mall in Lakewood has a pretty decent selection, too – Lane Bryant, Torrid, Mode Plus, Forever21, Macy’s plus section, JCPenney plus, and Target’s ever-dwindling plus size selection. They also have a Nordstrom Rack, but it’s been a while since I’ve visited the Lakewood mall and I haven’t checked their Nordstrom Rack to see if they have a decent plus size section.

    Prior to moving to the South Bay, I used to live in the San Fernando Valley and spent several years in North Hollywood, specifically near the corner of Laurel Canyon and Victory Blvd. There were several Korean-owned plus size stores in the area, similar to Mode Plus. One of them was called Plus Size Dress Up, housed in one of the strip malls on either side of the Laurel Canyon/Victory intersection. I can’t remember the name of the other one, but it was a few blocks west on Victory, in the strip mall with the Bally’s gym. It’s been 6 years since I lived there, though, so I don’t know if those stores are still around after some of the renovation I heard happened in the area. …Of course it all happens AFTER I leave!

  • That is incredibly frustrating! A few F21’s down by me carry plus sizes, but not in a great selection. Honestly, the only plus size shops down here are the standard Avenue & Lane Bryant. I generally do my shopping online at ASOS – they have an AMAZING plus size selection. You should definitely check it out, if you haven’t yet! It’s totally worth it.

  • Inlove with Camo!

    Being from the DC Metro area, I miss Pentagon City Mall. It has Macy’s, Nordstroms, Lane Bryant and a Forever 21 that carry plus size clothing. Currently residing in another country, it is very hard to shop online for clothing. I have reside on online retailers that I trust, i.e. Nordstroms and Lane Bryant.

  • Barblakeview

    I live in Chicago and I love shopping downtown. However, some of the best plus size stores are a mile away from each other (so you can end up losing weight traveling to each of them).

    The Macy’s on State has a great plus size section. I find that some designers such as ECI have XL clothing that can easily fit my body which is at Macy’s. The Lane Bryant is right next door. There is a Forever 21 on State that has the plus size section in the basement.

    However, as you go up the Mag Mile (Michigan Ave), there is Forever 21 that has a good plus size section on the 2nd floor in the middle of the store. It seems shopped often. The Limited in Watertower has Eloquii which is great. Bloomingdale’s just up the road also has a good plus size section. I bought a dress for a wedding there for less than $40. I like Bloomingdale’s because you can return whenever. You could buy something today and end up losing weight before you event and returning the item back to Bloomingdale’s unworn. Most people don’t think of Bloomingdales. Before Xmas, I bought a new NorthFace in XL there. They had plenty of larger sizes. Also, their Spanx go up to a good size at Bloomingdales.

    I did get a message that Lane Bryant at Stratford Square Mall is closing which is a shame. There is no Lane Bryant in Woodfield either. However, there still is one at Oakbrook. There is another Lane Bryant on Fullerton west of Ashland. I send my online orders there since it is near me and parking.

    There is a new boutique called the Blair Chic Boutique in Chicago near Ashland/Division that only caters to plus size fashions.

    • 2senswrth

      Thank you, thank you for your post!! I live in Green Bay, so Chicago is doable.