Cold Feet Love Winter Boots

As I sit here writing this my toes are cold. Brrrrrrr…I do love the winter, but I can’t stand when little guys are chilly! This really is something I think about when I’m out buying ladies shoes during the colder months. I know I live in L.A., but I do a lot of traveling where the temperatures tend to drop. We’re only a week into winter and I only own one pair of winter boots…that’s definitely going to have to change!

In fact, I’m heading up north this weekend and out to Detroit in a few weeks. I know it’s going to be cold and all I can think about is my poor frozen feet.

Will I be comfortable? Will my feet be warm?

Those are my major concerns at this point! LOL! I haven’t even begun to think about my outfits. I guess it’s time to find me some great quality ladies leather boots of course! I love having a reason to spend money on shoes. It’s all for the feet people!

When I go shopping for that perfect pair of boots to keep my feet warm there are a few things I tend to keep in mind…

  • Material: Boots come in all kinds of materials like leather, vegan/faux leather, rubber, Gortex, sheepskin and more. Some are more weather resistant than others. The faux leather boots will be a lower quality. Make sure you do your research.
  • Lining: Most winter weather boots will be lined with fur or shearling. This can add a little comfort, but a lot of warmth. If you’re that serious you can even buy your own liners for your boots. Just make sure you test it out first, your boots might not have the room for the extra lining.
  • Price: I’m not going to lie, prices will range from low to high. The faux leather boots will probably be the most inexpensive, while the Gortex and leather/sheepskin boots will be cost a lot more. Make sure to price check!
  • Style: This is my favorite part…there are tons of styles of winter boots to choose from. Ankle, wedges, motorcycle, snow, mid-calf, knee, and riding boots are only a few out there. When it comes to color, brown and black are most popular in the leather department. But, I know that snow boots can range in color.
  • Size: This will also range and don’t worry, there are a few wide widths out there as well.

I hope you found these tips a little helpful and your feet will bask in warm yummy boots this winter!

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Do you have any tips for choosing that perfect pair of winter boots?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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