Sweater Weather

Yay!! Thank goodness it’s FINALLY sweater weather here in Los Angeles. Well…only at night it is. But, that’s OK and I’ll take it!! Cold weather makes me a happy girl.
Last night we decided to do the old dinner and movie night, so you know comfy was on my radar. Yeah…turns out I was only 75% comfy.

Here’s the comfy part…

Avon’s Chunky Sweater Wrap in Navy is amazing! I love this and wish I could wear it all the time. This is an XL. I’m a size 16 and it’s big on me. But, I don’t care. I like it like that. I think the XL could fit a wide range of sizes.

Torrid’s NEW Jean Leggings (separate review coming soon) aren’t available yet, but when they are you’ll get a full rundown. I’m also wearing their Twist Tees White Foxy Cotton Scoop Cami. Love them both!

Now here’s the 25% of the outfit that wasn’t very comfy…these Stacked Heel Boots from Forever 21. I know what you’re thinking…”They’re Forever 21! You can’t expect comfort.” And you’re right…but these are ridiculously stiff boots. I thought I could break them in. I was wrong. I think they would be great if they had that “worn in” feel to them. I don’t know if I want to try and wear them again. LOL! Has that ever happened to you?

My accessories are mixed…necklace Juicy Couture (old), earrings from JCP, bracelets are Lane Bryant, ring is from Downtown L.A., scarf is HM (old), and bag is from Nordstrom’s BP department (old).


Disclosure: Some of the items in this post were provided for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

  • LEA Lumiere

    Very nice outfit. I’ll be checking out that Avon sweather and Torrid items when available. I’m in big time need of expanding my wardrobe. Its currently pretty sad not to mention its difficult to find clothes that fit my curvy self comfy and still look good.


      Thank you Lea…yes you should check out that sweater it’s so comfy! I totally understand where you’re coming from.