My Weekend in Photos

I love taking photos…not sure you like seeing them, but I love taking them. LOL! And nothing makes me happier than snapping away on my iPhone and posting them to Instagram. You can find me there as under @CurvesandChaos…if you were wondering.

If you already follow me, then you probably saw these pictures below. I just wanted to share my weekend with you, because it was a really good one. Time with my hubby and lots of relaxing moments. Or you can keep up with my Instagram pics here…

On Friday, I headed to Downtown Los Angeles with my friend Ivory. We did some shopping and research for our own little projects. I keep forgetting how awesome it is down there. It’s literally 10 minutes from my house. This photo was taken from our parking garage.


I also took this in Downtown Los Angeles. We were walking to meet up with our friend. I’m thinking I need to hang out down here more often.


This is the love of my life. My hubby and I had a nice cozy dinner on Friday night. Just the two of us. I had to catch him when he wasn’t looking of course. LOL!


Mandatory self-portrait in the car.


This is what I wore Sunday. The top is from Forever 21 and my skirt is from Nation LTD (I love this skirt!) It’s been warm here in L.A. so I have to keep the summer clothes out.


And last but not least…my silly side. LOL! I do have one!

Hope you had a great weekend and an even better week! 


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  • We would post our weekend photos too but how much snow can you look at? NY Blizzard 2013!