5 Questions: Elann Zelie

5 Questions is back with an amazingly sweet person I’ve met through blogging! Her name is Elann and she not only has an amazing blog, but she’s just started her own clothing line. Oh and she’s beautiful too. Read all about her below.

Name: Elann Zelie
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Freelance Designer / Fashion Blogger
Website:www.elannzelie.com /   www.zelieforshe.com

1. Tell us about your blog and your new business.

I started my blog to encourage girls with curves that they can have fun with fashion! I’ve always been a queen of fashion. Since I was young, I would cut up my clothes and make them, into what I desired it to be! My blog was the best place for me to showcase my loves and passions. Well encouraging other women with curves to do the same! Express the true you and don’t let anything or anybody hold you back because of what they say is the norm!

My clothing line Zelie for She was always in the works! When I graduated from college with my degree in Fashion design it motivated me to dream big! I then worked with many other fashion houses and started to realize that no one is thinking of the girls with the curves. I decided I would start my own online boutique dedicated to plus size women. My boutique includes clothing I have personally designed as well as other manufactures. I hope for it to only grow into what I for see it to be! And trust me its Large and Curvy!

2. What inspires you in your daily life?

I am inspired by the world! I get inspiration from everything around me! The weather, architecture, fashion, music, my followers! But I will say my mother inspires me the most!  Every day she gives me the motivation to keeping believing in all my dreams! To never give up!

3. Where are your favorite places to shop?

Zelie for She! Of course!  But if I had to choose other companies I would say ASOS. They have found the nitch that was missing in the world of plus size fashion. Their designs and quality is on point!

4. What is your fashion weakness?

Oh dear! I would say online shopping! I don’t have to get in my car and drive a far distance and deal with the crazy malls! I am online everyday looking for the newest tops, dress, shoes and accessories! But if I had to pick one piece of fashion it would be my Accessories! I can’t live without my jewelry!

5. What is one fashion tip you live by?

If you put it on and you love it then that’s all the matters in the end! Be you, dress for you!

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