Is Torrid’s Everyday Bra “The One?”

I’ve written about bras a lot on this blog. In fact, I’m always looking to review them in hopes of finding “the one” I can share with you. It’s no secret that a comfy bra makes a happy woman. And when I received two of Torrid’s Everyday Bras to review I couldn’t wait to test them out.

Torrid Everyday Bra I will admit, the minute I pulled them out of the box I was skeptical. I immediately thought they were cute, but they didn’t look too comfy. Isn’t that always the case? Cute never equals comfy.

I was sent the bras in their Floral Lace Print ($38.50) and in Red ($36.50) see below, which are pretty sexy. Actually, the floral print is fun and sexy. I always forget to check out printed bras. For some reason, I think they’re not very practical…I don’t know. LOL!

Anyways…back to the Everyday Bra…there were two things that concerned me about the bra. One was the fact that the straps aren’t very padded and the closure in the back is only two hooks. One of my main concerns is when the straps dig into my shoulders and I need my support.

After a few hours of wearing the bra, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a very comfortable bra. And I have been wearing them ever since. No annoying digging into my shoulders, no wires poking me in the side, no extreme padding, and there’s full coverage with support.  I don’t feel the need to tug at my bra during the day.

So…is Torrid’s Everyday Bra “the one?” If it’s not…it’s pretty darn close! I’m still hoping for a wider strap with a little more padding. That would be the icing on the cake. But, besides that…this bra makes a great “everyday” bra. Because that’s what it’s become for me.

Annnnnd…they have a BOGO (Buy One Get One) 50% Off promo online right now!!

Have you invested in Torrid’s Everyday Bra? Is it “the one” for you?

Disclosure: These items were complimentary and provided for review purposes only. All opinions expressed in the post are 100% mine.

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  • Jennifer Sawyer

    I wish they came in a bigger size. they look so comforatable. i would love something to lay in.



  • AGH! Now I don’t know if I can do it. Only two hooks in the back?!? I’m a 4 hook kind of gal. That makes me nervous, but I’ve been eyeing that bra since they released it!


      That’s what I thought too! But, it wasn’t bad. Go in and try one on. 🙂