Fashion + Technology = Harmony

Fashion and technology? In today’s world, these two work together in harmony. I know fashion bloggers wouldn’t exist without them. And if you’re a fan of Project Runway, then you know these two are lifesavers in crucial design moments. Those talented designers rely on their HP tablets and computers.

Technology plays such a huge part in fashion, it makes me wonder where we’d be without it. Would fashion be as cutting edge as it is? Would it be as accessible?

Fashion is all about style, imagination, and creativity. And the best part is how it easily influences and encourages others to express themselves.

When I think of technology, I’m instantly drawn to the computer and the (lifesaving) internet. I can’t even begin to describe all of the amazing things that have resulted because of it. Especially, it’s ability to connect us in seconds to other fashion lovers around the world.

With the click of a mouse, I can access street style photos from Russia. I can read blog posts from amazing plus size bloggers in places like Australia and England. And I can hit up a web site like Vogue Italia and easily translate the pages to English and indulge in their amazingness.

Like I said earlier, Fashion and Technology just go together. And HP’s design contest is the perfect example! They challenged people to design a stylish and sleek laptop bag that is perfect for the small size of their Ultrabook. The lucky and creative winner will be chosen by Jill of, LinYee Yuan at Core 77, and Mondo from Project Runway Season 8 and will receive $10,000! Not too shabby!!

Mondo even designed his own bag…check it out below!

The top 40 designs are already in and now it’s time to vote for the best design (click to vote)!

I’ve already made my choice. Who will you vote for?

Buy Mondo’s bag here…


How are you influenced by fashion and technology?


This post is sponsored by the sleek, stylish, lightweight HP Spectre XT Ultrabook™, inspired by Intel. Vote for your favorite bag design!

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