Curvy Girl Travels: Perfect Las Vegas Shoe

This shoe lover has a little bit of a problem. As I’m getting older, it seems my feet can’t handle high heels anymore. I realized this on my last trip to Las Vegas. After two long days of walking around in the heat, the minute a heel was placed on my foot, I was ready to take them off. Like right then and there. We hadn’t even left the hotel room yet! LOL!

Of course I’m still going to wear the beautiful pumps I bought that day. I guess I’m one of those that occasionally suffer for fashion. But the second I left the club I wanted to tear those shoes off my feet. Walking bare foot in “Sin City” isn’t one of the safest things you can do. Although, I have done it before…I’m not recommending it.

That’s when I realized a pair of foldable flats would’ve probably saved my life. I could’ve grabbed them out of my clutch and slipped off those 4-inch heels. Buuuut…I didn’t. It was a good thing there was a store selling flip flops. Lifesaver!

Most foldable flats are very basic and look like a ballet flat. Today, they are available in a range of prices, colors, and prints. Some have durable soles…others…not so much. And if you’re a traveler like me then you know these are going to fit in any size of luggage. Duhhhh…they’re foldable!

Do you own a pair of foldable flats? Do you use them a lot?

1. Ciao Bella 2. Footyzrolls 3. Corso Como Ballet Flats 4. Sidekicks™ Foldable Flats 5. After Flats 6. Spare Soles Rollupz 7. Back Up Soles 8. Dr. Scholls for Her 9. Burgos Foldable Flats 10. Nina Shoes 11.Sidekicks 12. CitySlips 13. CitySlips 14. Konvine 15. Fit in Clouds 16. Tieks

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  • I have a pair of Cityslips, which I love because the little pouch unfolds into a tote bag to put your heels in! I just ordered a pair of foldable flats, silver sequins, mostly because they are nice and sparkly, no tote but still handy for post-pump foot relief!


      I will definitely check those out!