ASOS Curve & My Fave Fall Colors

I’m a sucker for fall. You should all know that by now. Bring me the dark, rich, and warm tones of my favorite colors. Those would also be known as the “jewel” tones. I’m already dreaming of colder weather and the opportunity to wear sweaters and coats. This summer has been way too hot for me!

I’ve already started internet window shopping and of course I visit the ASOS Curve web site. I mean…who hasn’t? LOL! I noticed they were carrying a lot of my favorite fall colors. I adore red, navy, mustard and winter whites. There are so many options!

What’s your favorite fall color?





  • Jasmine

    Ooooh, M!! I love them all. Though, if I had to pick two, I’d say the red and winter white. Mustard intrigues me, though…


      I love them all too!

  • I’m loving the reds & navy! Time to go shopping!


      Me too! LOL!