A “Favorites” Kind of Outfit

It’s outfit time again and I’m sharing what I wore on my last night in Las Vegas.  And I think I’ve found my new favorite pair of pants! That’s pretty exciting for me, because I don’t normally get excited about denim. Torrid’s new Ankle Zip Stiletto Jean in black is all I’ve been wearing lately. There’s something about a super skinny ankle length pant that I love. 

Maybe it’s the fact that they’re not a full length, but not a capri either. I think they’re perfect for showing off that amazing shoe! If I only had one thing to say about this pair of denim, it would have to be that I wish the denim was thicker. Being a big girl, my thighs do rub and I feel like these are already starting to wear out in that area. But that’s an all-around denim issue. I haven’t found a brand that makes a durable inner thigh. If you know of one please let me know! 

Oh and by the way, these Guess Mipolia Suede Pumps are my new favorite shoe too. I’m going to wear the heck out of these shoes! You’ll probably see them a lot here. My top is from Ann Taylor, which was a last minute purchase and is on sale. It didn’t fit as well as I thought, I was in a hurry and didn’t try it on. It’s an XL and seemed a bit short on me. But, I’m digging the color. The necklace is from Banana Republic (❤) and the clutch is from Dama Handbags (which I adore btw).

Disclosure: As a Torrid Insider samples were provided for review purposes only. Any opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I was NOT compensated for this post.

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  • Love the pants. I need a pair of black jeans so that I can surreptitiously wear jeans to work.


      Yeah, these are my fave pants now! 🙂

  • Isabel Garcia

    Your whole outfit looks fabulous on you, Monique! Love your accessories as well! I have not worn denim pants in a long time.


      Thank you so much Isabel!

  • Gorgeous outfit! I love the color and the pants! You’re so rocking this look 🙂

  • Adri A.

    great outfit and that color is gorgeous on you!

  • I love the look of those pants!

  • curvygirlshay

    This totally reminds me of something i would wear. Its really cute!