I Think it’s Time for a Personal Beauty Intervention

Aging sucks. We’re all trying to avoid it. No one wants wrinkles or super droopy sagging body parts. Some of us will go to amazing lengths to stop the aging process, no matter how silly we look. Lifts here…injections there…it really is an uphill battle. 

Yesterday, I was watching an episode of Dr. Oz about anti-aging myths.  You know the things your mom, aunt, or grandma taught you-all in hopes of helping you slow down the inevitable. It was called The Fountain of Truth: Anti-Aging Myths Debunked. There were some I’ve never heard of and others that even I thought were true.

I don’t normally watch Dr. Oz. In fact, this might have been the first time I’ve sat through an entire episode. My friend was on it, so I was watching. And as some of the women described their concerns I realized that these were things that only they noticed. When Dr. Oz asked them, they admitted that no one had specifically told them their breasts were sagging, lips where thinning, or gray hairs were showing.

We’re constantly criticizing ourselves. I will admit that I’m guilty of it. Every day I find something wrong with myself. Not because my husband, brother, mom, or best friend pointed it out. And if I do get a compliment I get uncomfortable, say a quick “thank you,” and change the subject.

Are we supposed to blame the media for not finding ourselves to be beautiful at every moment in our lives? Do we blame our parents for not raising us with confidence?

Or do we need a personal beauty intervention? Maybe something along the lines of sitting in front of the mirror every day and telling yourself you’re beautiful, because you truly are. Turning your so-called “flaws” into a work of art. You might see a mole, but I see a beauty mark.

Believe me…I’m going to take my own advice. It’s not easy and of course society can be a jerk sometimes. I won’t become a conceited monster, but I will work on raising my confidence one day at a time and embrace who I am.

“I am beautiful. Today, I love the wrinkles on my face. They are signs of wisdom and experience.” 

You might be asking why this is important or why does it matter? Because we can’t let “them” win. You know…the people who think they define beauty. You might not realize it now, but when you think you’re beautiful inside and out, it shows in all aspects of your life. And it’s contagious. True beauty starts with you.

Let’s start right now…tell me one thing you love about yourself.

Or better yet tweet it using the #personalbeautyintervention hash tag.

Leave a link to your tweet below if you’d like, I’ll make sure to follow you.

Let’s show them what “true beauty” is!

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  • I love the thickness of my thighs. #personalbeautyintervention


      I love it! Thank you for sharing!

  • Diane Costanza

    I love my hands. They have yet to show my age and are the happily right there in front of me all the time!


      That’s a great one Diane!!

  • I love my hair & skin! Tweeted! I’m so touched by your post today because it reflects what Hispanic Heritage is all about — Loving ourselves.


      You have amazing hair and skin Eva!! Thank you for commenting!

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