YOUR BODY: The Embarrassing Topic of Sex and Pleasure {Giveaway}

Our bodies and sexual pleasure are nothing to be ashamed of…right? I mean…we’re only human and as long as we’re taking care and protecting ourselves, then sex shouldn’t be a taboo topic. It took me some time to think about writing this. I’m not a prude by any means, but  growing up I didn’t really see or hear the media discuss sex as openly as it is now. And if you follow me via the Curves and Chaos Facebook page, then you know I actually asked you all if I should even host this giveaway.

Sex and pleasure are two topics I never thought I’d discuss here, but I didn’t add “Chaos” to my blog title for nothing. I’ve always wanted to explore different subjects here…I guess I’ve got to start somewhere. And I’m starting of with a bang (no pun intended).

If you’re single, in a relationship, or married I don’t think there’s anything wrong with exploring different options in the bedroom. This can include a whole list of things, including personal massagers-a.k.a vibrators. No blushing ladies! If you want to be able to reach different levels of pleasure, then why not experiment?

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about if you’re curious. Actually, you’re not alone. At the past two BlogHer conferences, we were given “personal massagers” and that’s all the ladies could talk about! OK…that’s what my friends and I were talking about! LOL! Trojan Vibrations just happened to be one of those exhibitors in NYC at this past conference. They were passing them out like candy! The ladies loved it!

And they want to give you an opportunity to enter to win your own Tri·Phoria® Intimate Massager and Pulse Intimate Massager.

The Tri·Phoria® Intimate Massager comes with three tips to imitate your favorite sensations—firm pressure, tongue-like flickering and gentle focused stimulation. It also has eight settings—five speeds and three pulse pattern ($39.99). The Pulse Intimate Massager has 6 settings-3 speeds and 3 pulse patterns ($29.99). Both are waterproof, durable and easy to clean. Each come with one AA battery and an elegant satin pouch for discreet storage. Enter to win below!


**I will never share your information with anyone.
**No worries about shipping either, Trojan Vibrations makes their shipping discreet too!!



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  • Those of us that are comfortable talking about it may actually enlighten those that currently are uncomfortable discussing it. We need to take the taboo out of the topic!

  • louisey

    The more we women talk about it the more it becomes the “norm” and the more issues that are discussed I’m sure we are passing on hints and tips for the more adventurous to try out, please don’t be shy girls we are all human and we all have an healthy sexual appetite.

  • It’s not taboo, like people think it is. It should be right out there so that people know 1) they’re not alone and 2) we stop the whole sexually repressed stuff of our society.

  • Elizabeth Rhodes

    So our issues don’t seem so unusual since so many woman share the same issues……I would make more women feel “normal”.

  • Leni

    Topics like this are important to discuss because it’s natural and information is the most powerful tool we have.

  • monica young

    it is important to discuss because women need to be informed

  • We are sexual/spiritual beings in physical bodies. punto. The more we make it WRONG to be sexual and express sexuality, the more we disconnect from a natural part of our humanity and the more problems around sex that actually occur. #SEXPOSITIVE #BODYPOSITIVE is the way to be! 🙂 PS… I already have the Triphoria from Trojan because I was a Lucky Blogger at BlogHer, but I wouldn’t mind another- something that good should be owned by every woman! Just saying.

  • modern_day

    I think topics like sex and pleasure are important to discuss because woman (specifically Latinas) need to be aware of their bodies in order to make healthy decisions. Our women need to know about their reproductive health, their sexuality, etc…

  • Marla

    Talking about it helps people be more comfortable with themselves, and when you are comfortable with yourself, you can be more comfortable with a partner. There should be no shame in the human body.

  • Not taboo at all, especially if you are single and not into hooking up like crazy. If you nothing wrong with it, but sometimes life calls for a little bit of DIY and we all know about that as bloggers 🙂

  • Mimi

    Women need to talk about it to better understand the wide range of normal and to feel more empowered in this area,

  • Regrache

    to learn new things 😉