My First White Hair…Now What?

It was a hot summer day. I had just gotten out of the shower and I was combing my wet hair. That’s when it happened. There it was. Staring at me. Laughing at me. Mocking me.  A few days later I found another one. Then last week…another one. 

The notorious white hair has literally reared it’s ugly head in three different spots (that I know of).

I’m not going to lie, my first reaction was to cry and kinda freak out. I kinda have this thing about aging (LOL). Then I was reminded that there are worse and more horrible things going on in the world. Nothing that compared to my few strands of white hair.

My hubby thinks it’s due to stress, since it’s not really hereditary. My mom and dad didn’t get any until they were in their 50’s and I’m not in that age range.

I know there are lots of women that deal with premature graying and some embrace and rock it, while others dye their hair right away. I feel like I’m stuck in between the two! Grrrrrr…

I’ve always told myself that I would grow old gracefully…right?  Although, I was talking about plastic surgery and not dying my hair. That’s different. Maybe, I’ll find a subtle color. Something similar to my natural hair?

In all seriousness, I know hair color really doesn’t matter and it doesn’t define beauty in my eyes. But, this is something that most of us will deal with. And we all react different ways. Some could care less, while others freak out.

I’m curious to know how you handled your first white/gray hairs. 

  • theaumsmama

    I was shocked at my first gray at the age of 25. They have since multiplied and I’m getting that salt and pepper look. Some days it’s really hard, especially when they grow out wiry and can’t be tamed. Some days it doesn’t bother me at all. If coloring wasn’t such a time and money commitment I’d consider it, but for now I’m commited to going gray naturally.


      I was wondering about the texture of the hairs. So they are thicker? Ugh! Anyways, I love that you’re embracing your gray!

  • Elizabeth Dalton

    I pulled them out & they grew back. :/ It finally got to the point where I couldn’t pull them out anymore and I had to dye them. It’s probably stress. Grey hairs are so hard to color. I’ve dyed my hair a few times and it wont catch the color. $%@&!! If you see a professional hair stylist you should be okay. LOL. I’m also told to highlight or lighten my hair color. I’m still debating. Welcome to the grey hair club! You are aging gracefully by the way. I wouldn’t worry about that. 🙂


      You pulled them out???Wow! You’re brave! LOL!! Thanks for the support!! xoxo

  • Rebecca

    I yanked the first couple, then I started coloring them. At first I went for fun colors, but now (since I have to recolor about every 3 weeks) I just go for something that matches my usual color. It’s too much work otherwise!


      I don’t know how you guys yank them out! LOL! Brave!! I think I’ll go matching too!

  • I had a few earlier this year and I’d agree it was definitely stress. I just plucked them on and forgot about it. I check every now and then and they have not been back. Whew! 🙂


      Everyone keeps saying they pluck them, but I thought you weren’t supposed to do that? LOL!

  • First I plucked them and now I dye them! The correct diet can reverse graying! check this out

  • I was in my twenties when I had my first white hair. I plucked it. I have had the odd one over the years but and pretty much white/grey free. I did however find a black one the other day — like thick black which is weird.


    UMM I was 12. And it was cool. So at 35 with a head full of greys I am lucky to be far from the norm. It’s my conversation starter. Plus they say grey hair is wisdom. (lies but whatever!)