Dear Ven Budhu of Project Runway…

Dear Ven Budhu of Project Runway…you are what’s wrong with the fashion industry. In your rude, unthoughtful, and abrasive words, you have proven in last night’s episode that you are not fashion designer material. 

When faced with designing for an average-sized American woman, who deserved a lot more than what you gave her, you used words like “I’m in shock” and “very dissapointed.” Those should have been the words poor Terri used when she found out you were her designer.

According to you “wide waist and hip lines” are “definitely challenging.” Stating that you couldn’t work on her figure, that she had no sense of style, and her before picture was a nightmare proved to me that you have no insight as to how to address a woman respectfully.

How do you think you can design for women, if you can’t even appreciate the natural shape of a woman’s body?

Then when Tim Gunn asked you what size Terri was, you gasped “Oh my God…a 14.” Did you or have you even realized that one of the world’s best designers (and your judge) Michael Kors also designs plus size clothing? Or that the plus size industry was worth $17 billion is sales last year, according to ABC News?

And then to berate Terri right in front of her face stating that you were “surprised” at how beautiful she looked after she got her hair makeover. Constantly reminding her that nothing fit her and how she looked before she was honored with your presence, apparently God’s gift to fashion.

I really hope you take time to reach out and apologize to Terri, after you treated her the way you did. Not because you feel like you have to, but because she is a human being that deserves to be treated with respect. Maybe you can even take a few tips from your fellow contestants like Gunnar who said that it was “extremely important to design for the average woman” and was actually excited about it. Duhhh…those are the women who will more likely waste money on your clothes.

Unlike a lot of people who have written about your behavior, I’m not going to sit here and make any comments about your physical appearance. That would be lowering myself to your level.

I seriously thought a long time before writing this, not wanting to give you the time of day on my blog. But, I do know that if you ever decide to take your career seriously, you need to know the face of one of the many women you’ve pissed off. Not that you’ll care…or make anything for me to wear anyways.

Truly disappointed,

Monique Frausto

Founder, Curves and Chaos

P.S. Terri you are an amazingly beautiful woman. Contact me and I’ll put you in contact with REAL designers who create clothing for women of all sizes.

  • Andrea Rioja

    I wanted to give him a BIG f*** you!
    When I was watching haha.
    I mean seriously, I’ve never worked with “real” women.
    Unless he only works on a dress form, models are real women, he means
    average women…he was ignorant and I was hoping he’d go home.


      I was hoping he’d go home too!

  • Wow… he’s a terrible person. I felt so bad for Terri. I just wanted to reach through my computer screen and give her a huge hug!


      She does deserve a big ol’ hug!!

  • chictherapy online

    His behavior was appalling and i was disgusted that he was not chastised more by the judges.


      I was expecting the judges to say more too!

  • @terriherlihy23 was @venbudhu ‘s client on project runway. I hope she gets tons of kind words from us. On on facebook she is: Terri’s Redemption. I don’t know the woman, but I felt SICK watching him tear her down and then go on to make her look like hell in that ridiculous outfit he threw together. She looked better in the jeans and t-shirt she came in with. She is a beautiful woman of NORMAL size, there was no reason for him to to act like a pig and blame her for his huge failure.


      Thanks for the head’s up!

  • kjthorp

    Please let us know if Teri takes you up on it! I hope so.

  • Yay! Thank you. I hope Terry contacts you. I really thinks she deserves a real makeover from a real designer because she is a real and extraordinary woman.


      I did get a tweet from her 🙂

  • *applause* Thank you for writing this. Clearly, you are more mature about this than me based on your statement that “[u]nlike a lot of people who have written about your behavior, I’m not going to sit here and make any comments about your physical appearance. That would be lowering myself to your level.” *lol* Anyway, my heart broke for that poor woman…I couldn’t not believe what a jerk he was being. I was getting flashbacks to season 3 when Jeffrey was so horrible to Angela’s mother. But here’s what gets me – every year Project Runway does a “real person” challenge – it’s the ANTM equivalent of the “makeover” episode . . . and every single time, someone wigs out because they have to deviate from designing for a typical model (which, it has long been acknowledged as a human hanger). Has project runway every done a challenge that was exclusively designing for plus-size? I would *love* to see that . . . .Anyways, kudos Monique!


      Thank you for the comment and it took a lot for me to write this. I’m so glad I did!


    Thank you my love!

  • goodbeta1

    I almost cried when I saw the video. How can someone be so cold? Terri is a beautiful woman, and didn’t deserve to be treated like that. I’ve had people make me feel bad my ENTIRE life just for being Average size. When he said those things to her, it almost felt like he was saying them to me. Keep your chin up, Terri. And it’s just like it’s been said, “If you got it, flaunt it.”

  • Paulina Mo.

    Amen! He should have been sent packing on the basis that as a talented fashion designer you have to make clothes for real women of all shapes and sizes! And on top of that he showed no class and respect for a beautiful woman! I loved that her friend stuck up for her, but it saddens me that she was placed in that position after she thought this would be a gift to her. He showed no talent and no class.

  • I am new to your blog, and just saw this on twitter. I agree with your sentiments and also with the comments posted here. For me, Ven was overly confident from day 1, but it was okay because he * delivered. * Then with this episode, I lost every bit of respect I had for him as a designer. People’s feelings MATTER, and Terri was horribly disrespected. Furthermore, he blamed his lack of design skill on his client. Really?