Curvy Girl Travels: My NYC Essentials

New York City is more than skyscrapers and taxis. As one of my favorite cities, the “Big Apple” never seems to disappoint, even when it’s disgustingly hot and humid outside. Just like it was last week when thousands of bloggers and I headed to BlogHer 2012. I’m sorry…if temperatures hit over 80 degrees, it’s hot in my book! 

Unfortunately, I really haven’t had time to just explore the city to my heart’s content, but I’ve been there six times now (five for business) and I know my next trip will be totally and strictly touristy and corny in all aspects. That’s how I roll.

Because I’ve been there a few times, there are a few essentials that make it into my suitcase when warm weather hits and I travel to NYC.


  • Nation LTD’s Shanghai Maxi Skirt is that one item that’s not only easy to pack, but it can be worn a million-and-one ways. With slits on both sides (sexy), the 95% viscose makes this a soft and really cool skirt. It’s only available in straight sizes on their web site, but I currently have the plus size version, which is sold out on the Bloomingdales site.
  • If you’re going to rock shorts or skirts on a hot day and want to avoid chafing then I suggest a bottle of Lane Bryant’s Cacique Body “Keep It Smooth” Anti-Chafing Cream to Powder. I love this stuff!
  • Sometimes shape wear makes it a little hot under my dress, that’s why I had to try Spanx’s Higher Power Brief. It offers tummy control, while keeping me cooler than other mid-thigh shapers.
  • Not only is my goal to keep cool in this hot city, but comfy sandals are a must. I currently have two pairs of Steve Madden’s Achilees sandals. They go with everything and are pretty comfy. Annnnd they’re on sale right now!
  • No matter what time of the year I travel I always take a travel-size umbrella with me. Weather is so unpredictable right now. The day I flew out of NYC it was raining like crazy! This Eddie Bauer Mini Travel Umbrella is also on sale!
  • If you wear hairspray and don’t want to deal with hair falling flat in the hight humidity check out Tresemme’s Climate Control Finishing Spray. I actually picked up a travel-sized bottle and it worked pretty good. It smells good, held great, and didn’t leave my hair stiff or crunchy.
  • Torrid’s Twist Tees White Foxy Cotton Scoop Cami is that perfect basic top. I love the length of the cami and it’s so versatile. It can be worn underneath something or even alone. I think I’ve worn this in all possible ways already LOL! And you’ll never believe it’s also on sale!
  • Last, but not least…after a long hot day trekking around the city I just want to take off my makeup and hop into my hotel bed. I always make sure to have a box of Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Towelettes. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and this one seems to be the best.

What essential items do you take with you when you travel during the summer?


  • love this post! i am a terrible, and i mean terrible overpacker! xo. food for thought for essentials! i like 🙂


      Thanks! I used to overpack too…but got tired of carrying around a heavy bag! LOL!

  • those steve madden sandals are very pretty! some of my summer travel essentials are those deoderant wipes, reusable water bottle, makeup wipes..y un libro


      I love those sandals! I didn’t know about deodorant wipes! I’ll check it out!

  • Isabel Garcia

    Mini travel umbrella is one item I need to remember to pack in my future traveling trips! I also like to pack a few of my favorite snacks, like Cliff bars and organic fruit gummies.


      I always forget my snacks! LOL!

  • April

    One of my essentials, at home & on the road, are Olay Daily Facials for washing my face. They are dry (you add water just before you use them) & lightweight, so you can pack a ton of them in very little space. They are pretty large, so I cut them in half to double my supply!


      Yes! I know those and those are pretty good too!