Big & Tall: Sean John

In the world of plus size fashion, we have to remember ladies that we’re not the only ones struggling to find clothes that not only fit, but look good. Sometimes, I think they actually have a harder time than we do. Guys, like my hubby, are always looking for fashion that doesn’t suck. 

I was shopping the other day and was reminded how much I love Sean John clothing. Created by the famous Sean “Diddy” Combs, his men’s line goes up to a size 5X!  If you have a big guy in your life, like I do, then you might like my picks below. I found these on Macy’s web site. Some are actually on sale too! Woohoo! Can’t be that! Looks like the hubby will be getting a few items. I want to grab him the Sean John Track Jacket ($74.99)!

Do you have a big & tall guy in your life? Tell us where he gets his clothes!



  • Nichole Beaver

    My hubby is a Big&Tall guy. We get the majority of his clothes at JC Penny and Dillard’s. However, Kmart has a great selection of active and lounge wear (up to 4x/5x). Casual Male is another place we’ll shop, but rarely buy there unless there is a good sale.


      I will definitely check those places out!

  • Kyla Aquino

    Love the white shirts with epaulets… and so does my 2xl-sized fiance 🙂