Big & Tall: Cutter & Buck

I’m always looking for new brands I can dress my hubby in and today I found one…Cutter & Buck. It happened when I was searching Nordstrom’s Big & Tall page on their web site and I came across a cardigan. Just to be clear, I’ve never seen my hubby wear a cardigan, but if he did, I’d want him to wear this one. 

The Denny Creek Cardigan ($165) is just one of the things I’d swoop up from Cutter & Buck (see below). This line of golf-inspired apparel is actually pretty nice. Their Big & Tall actually come in sizes LT-4XT and 1XB-5XB which is a wide range considering not all big men are tall. We don’t always think of it, but men have fit issues too. Like my hubby who’s 6’3 but wears a 32-inch inseam and not so common waist size. It’s so hard to find him pants sometimes. Thank goodness for brands like this!

“We believe in using the best fabrics and trims, classic styling, and a wide range of colors to create clothing that looks and performs impeccably.”

Would you buy any of these pieces for your man?

  • Samantha Villegas

    i’d actually buy few of them lol