Behind-the-Scenes with nuvoTV’s Curvy Girls

Are you ladies ready for nuvoTV’s fall premiere of Curvy Girls? I know I am!! It’s like hurry up already!! Models Rosie Mercado, Denise Bidot, Lornalitz Baez and Ivory Kalber give us a look into their lives in this anticipated reality series. Last week, they welcomed me with open arms to the famous Siren Studios set in Hollywood.

The ladies were in town for some promo work and I got to hang out with them as they were styled and primped for the day. I personally know the girls, so it was great to be able to catch-up and chat. They’re really excited about the show and working together. I didn’t get to stay the entire day because I was leaving to NYC the next day and had so much to do. But, I was able to see a little bit of Denise’s shoot and let me tell you that girl knows how to work the camera!!

Here are a few pics from my visit…are you looking forward to the fall premiere of Curvy Girls?

Find more photos of that day here!!