5 Questions: Robin Cricket

Hey loves! Here we are with another 5 Questions profile! This time I want to introduce you to Robin, who is awesome by-the-way. You may recognize her as one of the models from the 365Hangers Style-A-Thon. She’s not only beautiful, but very kind and always willing to help me out! I love this chick!!


Current City: LOS ANGELES, CA
Modeling Agency: PEAK (L.A.), CITY MODEL MANAGEMENT (S.F.)

1. What does being a model mean to you?

Being a model is a creative outlet for me. It means getting to explore all of the different facets and dimensions of my personality. So often, we are taught to keep our emotions in check when it comes to work and business, but modeling allows…my child like spirit to play dress up, my sex kitten to purrrr, my powerhouse to take charge, and my inner diva to shine!

2. What or whom inspires you the most?

I am most inspired by other women! Women that live fully in their femininity, embrace their sexuality, move through their day with confidence, and are empowered by their life’s journey. Women that make no apologies for celebrating being a WOMAN, no matter her height, size, shape, color, or age.

3. Where are your favorite places to shop?

Ooooh, such an open ended question.

One of my favorite places to shop is Florence, Italy. The streets are lined with shops of couture designers, and local craftsmen, that are exquisite!!

But, if we are talking domestically….New York is hands down the place to be. I always find clothes, shoes and accessories that i cant seem to find anywhere else.

I love smaller “mom and pop” retailers with one of a kind items. Unfortunately most of these places dont carry larger sizes, but are great for signature jewlery pieces, scarves, hats, and shoes. I tell my friends to not be afraid to wander into shops they may not have heard of, because you never know what sort of little “gems” are hiding inside.

As far as bigger name stores, I love a great bargain or sale. I have found some of my favorite pieces in H&M, Forever 21, Marshall’s, and Nordstrom Rack. Im also a fan of online retailers ASOS, City Chic, and Alloy.

4. What is your fashion “weakness?”

OK, you ready for this? (Dont laugh too hard) I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE white tank tops! It sounds a little crazy and probably not very “fashionable”, but a nice crisp white tank top is my go-to for just about anything. And a well fitted tank shows my curves off beautifully! Throw it on w/jeans and heels for a trendy look, pair it with a colorful flowing skirt for a bohemian chic look, or wear it under a blazer with a sexy pencil skirt for a simple business look…..the possibilities are endless.

5. What advice would you give to any new or aspiring models?

Be realistic!! I dont want to sound harsh, or negative, but you have to be realistic!
It takes more than a cute face to be a successful model.

Physically, you should be proportioned, have clear skin, nice teeth, and meet certain height requirements.

Financially, you will need to put money into testing, and general upkeep (i.e. hair, nails, teeth)
Mentally and emotionally, modeling can be tough on one’s ego. You might get a lot of “no’s” before you ever get a “yes”. Also, agents and clients are very honest about what they want and dont want. Be prepared to hear things like “you look too old”, “you need to change your hair color”, “smile more”….whatever it is, its not personnal, so take it in stride and remember that modeling is a business.