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Big & Tall: Cutter & Buck

I’m always looking for new brands I can dress my hubby in and today I found one…Cutter & Buck. It happened when I was searching Nordstrom’s Big & Tall page on their web site and I came across a cardigan. Just to be clear, I’ve never seen my hubby wear a cardigan, but if he did, I’d want him to wear this one.  Read more

Curvy Girl Travels: Packing for San Antonio

Guess who’s going to San Antonio this weekend? Meeeeeee! Yes, I’ll be in the “Lone Star State” for the People En Espanol Festival!   Before I go any further make sure you RSVP for the three Twitter parties Mamiverse is hosting this week. If you’re in San Antonio, they’ll be giving away passes to the festival this weekend and there’s a chance to win lots of Target gift cards. And while I’m there it’s supposed be pretty hot and you all know how I feel about that weather. Read more

Style Trend: Houndstooth

The houndstooth print isn’t for everyone. In fact, half of you probably love it and the other half…not so much. But, that’s OK! Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to like it. I like my prints in small doses, that’s just me. And I can imagine wearing this print, also known as dogstooth, in an office or business casual setting. Read more

Surprise! The Lovely Beauty Box

Who loves surprises? I do! Well…sometimes I do. But, don’t let me find out you’re planning a surprise, because then I’ll try to figure it out! LOL! I definitely didn’t try to figure out what I was getting in my Lovely Beauty Box from the Lovely Beauty Shop! So, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up to see what was in their (first ever) box. Read more

Beautiful! BarePlus Digital Catalog

BarePlus by Bare Necessities has released their first digital catalog, Curve Confidential, and it’s great! I’m loving the images. Just take a look below! I love a sexy bra that actually fits! And they have a lot of them. They offer over 1,000 sexy styles with band sizes 40-56 and cup sizes A-N.  Read more

Jewelry Trends: The Cross

There’s a new trend and it’s all about the cross. Fashion is always changing and so is the world of jewelry. You’ll find the cross on more than just necklaces. Rings, earrings, bracelets, and cuffs seem to popping up everywhere.  Read more

Dear Ven Budhu of Project Runway…

Dear Ven Budhu of Project Runway…you are what’s wrong with the fashion industry. In your rude, unthoughtful, and abrasive words, you have proven in last night’s episode that you are not fashion designer material.  Read more

10 Chic & Sleek Backpacks

I’m so jealous of you back to schoolers! Yes, I’m one of those who love school. And I will admit I miss it. I’ve been contemplating getting my master’s degree, but I’m still on the fence about it. For now, I’ll just daydream about it and think about all the cool accessories I’ll need if I go back…like backpacks! Read more

Coral & Turquoise Cool

It seems like we’re not going to get a break from this summer heat wave! Seriously people, it’s hot! And when it’s hot like this, I wish I could run around naked, buuuuut I won’t. I will try to wear something light and cool though. This is exactly what I tried to do with yesterday’s outfit.  Read more

YOUR BODY: The Embarrassing Topic of Sex and Pleasure {Giveaway}

Our bodies and sexual pleasure are nothing to be ashamed of…right? I mean…we’re only human and as long as we’re taking care and protecting ourselves, then sex shouldn’t be a taboo topic. It took me some time to think about writing this. I’m not a prude by any means, but  growing up I didn’t really see or hear the media discuss sex as openly as it is now. And if you follow me via the Curves and Chaos Facebook page, then you know I actually asked you all if I should even host this giveaway. Read more